Like a warm hug, Netflix’s Virgin River is like that. If you like Gilmore Girls and Friday Night Lights and want a good cosy drama to warm up with on a cold winter night, this is the show for you.  There aren’t any official numbers from Netflix, but the programme is successful enough that Netflix quietly extended it for a fourth season before Virgin River’s third season ended on July 9. A source from Netflix says that Virgin River’s fourth season filming started in late July, barely weeks after the third season’s release.

While Netflix hasn’t confirmed these rumours, the scheduling of season three was such that Netflix very definitely discreetly renewed the show and began pre-production before making a public announcement about the third season’s renewal. Season four should be no different, especially given the Netflix show is based on Robyn Carr’s Virgin River book series, which has 25 books. In its first week on Netflix, Virgin River season three had more than 1.4 million viewers. By the end of its first month on Netflix, it was the most streamed video in the United States.

Unfortunately for Virgin River enthusiasts, there won’t be a seven-month hiatus between seasons three and four. If What’s On Netflix is to be believed—and it’s worth noting that What’s On Netflix was correct about the timing of season three, as well as frequently reporting renewals and cancellations accurately before they’re announced. Season four will begin filming at the end of July 2021, with filming scheduled to wrap up at the end of November.

When asked by the Radio Times in July if the cast would be returning soon, actor Tim Matheson confirmed: It’s a good thing Netflix isn’t saying anything about it… I’m just hesitant to say anything that would make them angry for fear of upsetting them. But, according to my knowledge, “it won’t be long until it happens.” Early in August, Netflix Life claimed that the show had begun filming. A statement from What’s on Netflix confirms: “We’re presently expecting that Virgin River season 4 will return in 2022, with it most likely being in Q2-Q3 2022 (somewhere between April and July 2022).”

Four seasons of new storylines are on the way, although this past season set up several storylines: Ricky will undoubtedly decide whether or not to enlist, and he may leave Virgin River—and Lizzie—behind. When it comes to Mel’s pregnancy, Jack and Mel will have to deal with the unknowns and decide if they can work together (the actors who play them have been clear that they definitely will).

There is a good chance we’ll see Paige back following her absence for the whole third season. Todd and Jack, the twins’ biological father, will have a showdown after Charmaine gives birth to the twins. Finally, we will find out who shot Jack. Tenney told TV Insider that season four would be a roller coaster from the very beginning. As she explained, “there’s a big reveal in Season 4 that puts certain people in jeopardy.”


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