There is no set release date for “Hypnotic” as of fall 2021. Earlier this year, Variety claimed that shooting on Robert Rodriguez’s picture had been shifted to suit the hectic schedule of its actor and that filming would begin in April 2020. However, the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to the project in March 2020.

With “Hypnotic” already running behind schedule and not even close to completion, the film won’t be available for purchase for some time. However, cinemas are still recovering from virus outbreak shutdowns may be excellent news for Rodriguez’s upcoming film. Currently, a spring release seems impossible, but by the summer of 2022, “Hypnotic” might have audiences spellbound.

‘Hypnotic,’ starring Ben Affleck, was confirmed to be in production in 2019. According to THR, Affleck will portray “a detective investigating a string of implausible high-end heists. As previously reported by Deadline, Alice Braga has joined the cast as a new character. At the time, nothing was known about her specific position. In addition, Hala Finley, a newcomer to the cast, was recently added. Affleck’s character has a kid, and the young star will portray that subject’s daughter. Rodriguez claims that the pandemic hampered the casting process as well.

The premise of “Hypnotic” differs substantially from Robert Rodriguez’s previous films. The plot of “Hypnotic” was also revealed in November 2019. According to the source, Ben Affleck plays a policeman who “has become engaged in a mystery surrounding his missing child and a government secret programme.” Since then, no new information on the scheme has emerged.

Despite the lack of information, Rodriguez did give Collider a hint as to what spectators might expect: “It has the tension and suspense of a Hitchcock thriller, but with a lot more power. Nothing else I can add. I got it as soon as I saw the first trailer,” you could think. ‘I’m there,’ she replied. That’s the kind of movie it is. There are a lot of turns and twists in this book. It’s all quite exciting. Although it’s not a documentary-style film, it does have a stellar ensemble. It’ll be a lot of fun. This is one of my all-time favourite tales.”

Collider also learned from the multi-hyphenate artist that he plans to enlist the help of his family on “Hypnotic.” One of his sons is a full-time musician, while his other son is a co-writer and producer, and his daughter is in charge of the storyboards. They will all help the project.


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