What To Do After Your First Micropigmentation Session?

To make sure that your scalps heal well after a micro-pigmentation session, follow these steps. The tips below are also going to be communicated by the technician.

  1. Avoid washing your head in the first three days 

You might be tempted to wash your head after the procedure, don’t do it. The scalp is still sensitive because of the procedure. You can end up ruining it when water touches your head.

It is also important to avoid any activity that is going to make your body sweat. Sweating can affect the healing process. this means you have to stay away from the gym or put off your morning job for a few days.

You also need to avoid spending a lot of time in the sun for the first 30 days after your micro pigmentation procedure. Sunlight is bad because it has dangerous UV rays that interfere with the healing process.

Wearing a loosely fitted clean hat when going out is going to help keep out the sunlight. Your natural pigments get the chance to do their job without being interrupted by sunlight.

Another thing you need to avoid is swimming in pools, seas, lakes, or rivers. When you swim in a pool or water body, you are exposing the scalp to chlorine or salty water can ruin the results. You should avoid swimming for 30 days after the procedure according to Creative Scalp Arizona, a SMP clinic in Phoenix.

  1. Shaving your head with a day 4 

If you want to shave, then this time is the best time. When shaving, you need to use an electric foil shaver because it causes minimal disturbance to the pigments.

When shaving, you need to avoid scabs that can still be seen on your head. Avoid peeling the scabs because it can have a big impact on the results you get from this procedure.

  1. Take a light shower using a mild sulfate-free shampoo

When you reach day four, you can start applying water to your head, but in small amounts. You can take a light shower, but make sure you aren’t using sulfate shampoo. Use lukewarm water so the scalp doesn’t sweat.

If you have to exercise, go for minimal physical activities. Go for light weights and don’t do a complete cardio session because it will make you sweat a lot. If you do an activity and you notice any sweat, stop doing it.

  1. Resuming normal routine when you reach day 7

Your scalp will be healed after a full week. You can shave your head using a rotary shaver if you want but don’t wet shave with a blade.

Now you can start going to the gym, sweating as much as you want during your workout sessions, etc. You can start doing the things you had avoided before because you didn’t want to sweat and affect the results of the procedure. 

  1. Swimming from Day 30 

After one month after the procedure is done, you can start doing all the things you used to do before. The only exception is if there are upcoming micro-pigmentation sessions soon. You can go out and swim at the pool, river, or lake. You can start spending more time out in the sun without having to worry about the sun affecting the healing process.

Your scalp is completely healed at this point, which means you can start using the sauna if you would like.

You still need to be careful. Make sure you are using non-greasy sunscreen if you plan on going out when the sun is shining. You can still put on a light-colored hat because it is going to protect your scalp. For added comfort, add moisturizing cream to your head.

The above tips will help a lot.


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