What the Surviving Families Can Do Following a Fatal Bicycle Accident

Bicycle accidents can be as fatal and brutal as car accidents, and the injuries caused can also have a lifetime effect on a person’s life. Whether the bad road conditions or the reckless driver is a reason for your accident, you have a certain right to claim for loss and suffering as a surviving family. You might need a bicycle injury attorney to take care of all the legal formalities and get the highest compensation for your loss. This phase can be stressful and lead to hopelessness and depression. But one must stay determined to get back to normal and stay as calm as possible. Here are a few points that the surviving families must look into following a fatal accident

Consult an Injury Lawyer

Before making any contact or meetings with the opposite party or their insurance company, consult an experienced injury lawyer and get a clear view of the situation. The insurance company will determine to bring you to an agreement for the lowest possible claim and keep you from filing a lawsuit. No matter how much they pretend to care about you, this is in their interest. You have already lost a loved one, and the grieving process is overwhelming; therefore, you might be susceptible to lowball offers from the insurance company. A good lawyer knows how to deal with the dirty tactics of insurance companies. 

Gather Information and Evidence

You must gather all the information about filing an injury lawsuit and all the evidence that will help support your claim. It includes taking pictures of the place of the accident, getting the CCTV footage of the scene, and the statements of the officials handling the case and the witnesses at the scene. If you cannot ask for the witnesses’ statements, you can also ask an officer to do it. Your medical bills and doctor’s statement is also important for proving your claim. It is best to let the injury lawyer handle this for you so they can properly gather the pieces of evidence because a small mistake can be a threat to your claim.

Don’t Engage or Speak

It’s usually a part of human nature to apologize after an accident, but it’s best to remain silent and within your rights, as you can use your words against you in the case hearing. You can discuss it with the other person when an official has arrived at the scene. So, you must reach for safety and wait while being calm, as it’s normal for a person to get impulsive and snap at a situation like this. 

File an Injury Lawsuit

You can discuss the matter with the opposite party and settle it if they are willing to pay you justified compensation; if not, you must file a lawsuit and ensure that you get what you deserve.

Suppose the accident happened because of poor road conditions, such as potholes or loose gravel. In that case, it is also within your rights to file a lawsuit against the government’s representative responsible for the road conditions. They must cover your full medical and property expenses.



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