What Should A Full Moving Estimate Include?

Well, it is indeed needed to get a full moving estimate before you finalize your moving budget. However, at the same time, it is really hard to understand what is actually included in a complete moving estimate. Additionally, not getting adequate transparencies in the moving terminologies can increase the level of difficulties for sure. 

So, it is always better to have enough clarity about the different costs involved in the complete moving estimate. It will help you make an accurate budget and prevent you from unforeseen moving expenses as well. 

Here in this article, you’ll get some clearer knowledge about what is actually a full moving estimate include? Let’s have a thorough look to achieve better transparencies!

What Factors Impact the Moving Quotes?

Well, before we discuss what a full moving estimate at iMoving actually includes, it is essential to understand how the basic moving estimate is calculated? 

The basic moving estimate depends on several associated factors, which profoundly impact the moving quotation. Below are those primary factors that impact the moving estimate.


The distance plays a crucial role in moving estimates. If the distance between origin and destination is long, the moving costs will go on the higher side. However, if the moving distance is short, the moving costs will become less for sure.

Let’s consider the below example:

Moving from Atlanta, GA to San Francisco, CA (roughly 2,500 miles) will cost more than moving from Atlanta, GA to Nashville, TN (roughly 250 miles), simply because your stuff needs to be hauled a longer distance. The first thing that all professional moving companies in Atlanta, GA will ask you is the origin and destination of the move, to determine the distance. This gives them a rough idea as to what the moving cost is going to look like.


Along with distance, the time of moving impacts the overall moving estimate as well. Most of the people tend to move in summertime. So, due to the excessive demand, moving in summer becomes costlier. On the contrary, the instinct to move in the winter is very rare due to several reasons. So, moving in winter can save you a hefty amount for sure.

Apart from the seasons, the date of the move can also impact the moving costs. For instance, if you wish to move on the weekends or holidays, the moving costs will be on the higher side.

Movable Belongings

The movable items have profound impacts on the basic moving estimate. The number of belongings you wish to move to your new destination impacts the overall moving costs. The more items you wish to move to the new place, the more space is required to fit them into the moving truck. Additionally, the gross weight of the inventories will also increase with the moving items. 

The Add-Ons that Include in a Full Moving Services

Apart from the above-mentioned primary factors, the moving quotation can be impacted by several other additional services. The more you take additional services from the moving companies, the more you’ll be charged for the moving responsibilities. A complete moving estimate can add several moving services depending upon your requirements.

  • Full value protection is one of the essential things to protect your valuable items. A complete moving package includes insurance of your valuable belongings. If any of your items get damaged or lost during the move, you’ll get compensated for the same. 
  • If you opt for complete moving services, the moving companies will assign a skilled supervisor. The professional moving coordinator will supervise the whole moving process. 
  • The complete moving services include the packing processes of your belongings. If you opt for the full package, the moving companies will take all the packing responsibilities. 
  • The complete moving package includes loading your whole household items into the moving truck. If you opt for the full moving services, the mover will take all the responsibilities to load the stuff into the moving truck.
  • Not only loading of the items, a complete moving package includes unloading of the belongings after they reach the new destination.
  • A complete move includes unpacking of the whole household items once they safely reach the new destination.
  • The complete moving package includes standard placements of the furniture as well. You can ask the moving coordinator to place the furniture at your desired place. The skilled moving experts will place the furniture as per your instructions.
  • The items like beds, bookshelves, TV, refrigerators aren’t easy to move. These aren’t the things that can be packed and loaded into the moving truck directly. These things need to be disassembled before the move takes place and need to be reassembled after they reach the new destination. A complete moving service will include these services of disassembly and reassembly.
  • Apart from the above moving services, a complete moving service includes debris removal as well. After the mover unpacks your household items, the moving company is responsible for removing all the trash from your home.


We hope you’ve got a clearer vision of what is actually included in a complete moving estimate. So, next time when you wish to move, you won’t have any difficulties dealing with the moving companies. If you find this article helpful, please provide your feedback in the comment section. Wish you a very happy and safe move!


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