There is a new term named VRR which you might have heard in the news of TVs. You should be aware about VRR and if you are buying a new TV which you are planning to use especially for gaming purposes through Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S or Sony Playstation 5, then you should be fully informed about it.

VRR is an acronym for Virtual Refresh Rate of displays which plays a very important role in gaming. The higher the Virtual Refresh Rate, better the performance. A higher VRR will provide a smooth picture while gaming. 


What VRR done here is it eliminates screen tearing in playing games. Many times, it happens that whenever high end games are played on TV the graphics card delivers a high number of frames per second but due to the TV unable to manage the frames delivered by the graphics, it leads to tearing up the screen. This results in a visual glitch. 

The VRR helps the system in showing the perfect frames per second as it is delivered by the graphics and providing a very smooth gaming and visual experience.

It can easily be seen if the screen is having VRR problems. For example, if you are playing a 60fps game on a 60Hz TV, you might feel like the screen is lagging and might take a little time to reflect your controls on the TV. VRR removes any such delay and shows the results right away.


Though there has been the concept of matching frames with display refresh rate for a long time, it’s not something new. But what is new is that it has arrived with a HDMI 2.1 support. So, now playing games at the 4K screen resolution and at 120 fps will not be a problem to play it on TV.

If you are looking for a TV with a high refresh rate, we suggest you go for Samsung and LG top end TVs. They will definitely provide the best output. So, when are you going to buying your new TV?


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