What Is an MBA Dissertation?

Are you getting your degree in business administration? Or maybe you are just starting to choose a professional path for your future? In any case, for a high-paying job, you need to get your master’s degree. In most universities, this means that graduates would need to write a dissertation. Here, you will learn everything there is to know about an MBA dissertation.

This is not an easy task, even for the brightest students. A piece of work of this size requires lots of time, effort, and even money. Learners often want to cover their bases and hire an essay writer service EssayHub just to make sure they will get everything right. Expert writers can assist you with your dissertation on any topic and of any complexity.

Since more and more business students are graduating every year, the competition is very high to get a prestigious job. Getting your MBA degree can set you over the edge above other graduates, and you will get hired by your dream company! Apart from giving you important business skills, it will also look great on your resume in the future.

What Is an MBA Dissertation?
What Is an MBA Dissertation?

So, are you ready to learn everything about MBA dissertations? Keep reading, and you will be prepared for anything on this difficult path of getting your MBA qualification.

The Purpose of an MBA Dissertation

First of all, let’s start from the beginning. Getting your master’s degree means that you will write lots of papers. Some of them are easy, and others are extremely time-consuming. The hardest assignments you will have before graduation are writing a thesis and a dissertation. Many MBA students don’t seem to know the difference between them.

An MBA dissertation and a thesis have different purposes. For example, the primary objective of the first paper is to show all the knowledge that you absorbed during your studying, share some insights, and introduce a new perspective on this knowledge. An MBA thesis means that your paper is focused on a particular subject with your own conclusions about the hypothesis.

Tips on Writing a Great Paper

Even though the process of writing an MBA paper will be long and hard, there are some helpful tips that can assist you in this journey. Of course, to make your life easier, you can look through writing services reviews and find the best company, like NoCramming, to help you with your paper. And if you want to take a chance and start writing your MBA dissertation by yourself, here are a couple of useful tips.

Take the Task of Choosing Your Topic Seriously

This is the subject that you will be staring at for the next weeks or even months! Take your time and find something that is truly interesting to you. The topic should be engaging, meaningful, and important to the rest of the MBA community. Also, it should be able to raise some questions about your knowledge of the topic. So, you better be prepared to answer them.

Create a Structure for Your Paper

Following the rules is very important in the academic world. Before even starting to write your dissertation, make sure you understand every requirement. Students are advised to check the word count, structure, sources, and overall rules of academic writing. Here is a basic outline for the MBA dissertation accepted by most organizations. 

  1. Abstract. This is a brief overview of the whole paper, with methods and conclusions.
  2. Introduction. Here, you present the topic and the reasoning behind choosing it.
  3. Literature review. In this chapter, students present the sources where they find the information about their subject.
  4. Methodology. If applicable, you have to explain what approach you are using in your analysis.
  5. Results. This is the chapter where you present your findings.
  6. Discussion. As you might have already guessed, here, you need to discuss the results of your work and claim if you achieved your goals.
  7. Conclusion. Similar to the introduction, you restate your ideas here and add your results.
  8. References. This is a very important part of your MBA dissertation. Make sure to follow the correct academic format in your bibliography and avoid plagiarism!

Set Up Reasonable Deadlines

Many students like to do their assignments at the last possible moment. This won’t work with your MBA dissertation if you want to get the highest grade. At first, it might seem that writing this huge paper will be endless. For this reason, try to set a deadline for each chapter and actually follow it.

Maintain a Critical Mindset

The point of such a serious paper is to show that you can process information. Your knowledge comes not only from the books but also from your ability to analyze information critically. So, even if you find a mistake, don’t be scared to correct it. It shows that you are learning from your mistakes.

What Is an MBA Dissertation?
What Is an MBA Dissertation?

Edit Everything

Don’t underestimate the power of editing! When students are working on the same paper for a month, it’s easy to miss something. So, it’s always a good idea to return to the dissertation after some time to double-check it. Or you can hire a special service that will edit everything and get back to you with polished text.

Enjoy Your Accomplishments

When the hard part is over, don’t forget to acknowledge your achievement. Writing an MBA dissertation is very hard, so students can experience burnout afterward. Take your time before diving into the business world.


So, now you know the basics of writing an MBA dissertation. This is one of the most important papers you will have to write during your studies. Take these tips seriously, and good luck!


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