What do we so far about Love Is Blind: After The Altar Reunion

The Love Is Blind cast once again brings people together to remind everyone why it is one of Netflix’s most popular series one year after the competition shows the globe how a distant date appears as a social event. Her first meeting came soon after Season 1, but it was related to the marriage anniversaries of two couples that the special three-episode event took place.

As Avid Love Is Blind fans know, two solid partnerships have come with each other amid all the dog wine drinking and statements that their lover no longer excites them. Cameron Hamilton, Lauren Speed, Amber Pike and Matt Barnett are still happy and want to share their relationship with one other by 2021. The Hamiltons and Barnetts will be rejoining in Season 1 after the altar, which will bring a lot of drama.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

After the altar, “call your favourite couples and singles back to their everyday life in Atlanta.” According to the official Netflix synopsis: “How will Amber and Barnett feel about meeting Jessica? In a press release, the streaming platform teased: Will Carlton and Diamond make any changes at all? Who could make a surprise look? And, given all the drama in the last two years, who will not be there for the party? In the end, the experiment never stops when it comes to love.”

On 8 July, Netflix launched a trailer for After the Altar, and it seemed to have been dramatic enough to last until Season 2 – perhaps 2021 – and Season 3 one day after that. So in this short clip, fans will already know how Carlton Morton’s show affected, if Jessica Batten and Matt talk, and if the sex lives of Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers improved overall. There were plenty of eyebrows, indications of betrayal, and celebrative cheering, of course, because this would be a good opportunity.

Fortunately, beyond the altar, subscribers won’t have to wait long to watch. While Netflix just treated fans for the teaser, the three episodes follow in a matter of weeks. Then, come 28 July, and the altar will smack the streaming platform.

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