Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story Film Review

It is said that when a thing is redone by a very talented person, the end result is better than the original. But is it so for Steven Spielberg’s latest West Side Story film? Confused as to why are we asking this. Well, read the following review and you will know why.


Very recently, Steven Spielberg remade the 1961 movie called ‘West Side Story. The 1961 movie itself was not that great.

But when Spielberg announced that he will be remaking the movie, the hopes of movie lovers went high.

West Side Story Official Trailer


The new movie created a lot of hype about itself. but things turned out worse than before. A lot of changes have been brought by Spielberg into the movie’s plot.

The characteristics of the characters in the movie have changed. Furthermore, innocent people have become bad. Also, small characters have been given unnecessary backgrounds.

Moreover, small plot adjustments have been done to make some characters more important than others. Even the actors chosen for the characters don’t seem right. There is a big misfit in this department.

The direction is dry. The characters are dramatic for no reason. In order to make a better movie, Spielberg has made the actors act with love brimming over the top. And given the base story, that much love is not required. 

To say the least, Spielberg no doubt is a talented director and one of the best of his times but then even the GOATs mess things up. In short, in his quest to make ‘West Side Story’ a better movie, Spielberg unknowingly has made it worse. Worse than the 1961 one is painful enough to watch.

So, should you watch the new ‘West Side Story’? the simple answer is no if you care for your sanity!

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