Weekly poll results: The new Moto G 5G finds a fanbase, and there’s no love for the G9 Power

We got the fan’s favourite in the last weekly poll. Undoubtedly, it’s the all-new Moto G 5G, which secured more than half of the total votes polled. 

This gave it a strong victory against its highly predicted rivalry, the G9 Power. Moreover, the most important part is that it’s warding off the negative votes polled against it.

However, the weekly comment section shows that fans are not completely in love with the new Moto G 5G. Some call this smartphone design looks somewhat similar to the “2015 design with 5G”. 

It’s Design

Although, the smartphone comes with the latest Snapdragon 750G chipset. And it’s something not relevant to compare this smartphone with 2015 design where there were no 48MP cameras. Especially, in this price range.  

But, it’s quite common to have such comments as because this model lacks what something called the wow factor. 

Deep in the comment box, one commenter just suggesting that these two smartphones should have been designed after Motorola’s Edge. This might have spiced up things and the two will have got a cool and amazing design.

Nevertheless, the new Moto G 5G will be a value purchase. However, it’s not the loveliest thing ever, but it’s a €300 smartphone that’s an affordable price range. It’s a good deal to have a smartphone at this price range that can easily handle all task thrown at it. 

Why No Love For G9 Power?

Apart from this, the new Moto G9 Power failed to bring up a case for itself.  However, the phone is embedded with a large battery and a large screen size, but people didn’t show love for this as because they might not keen to settle for a 720p+ display. 

Moreover, the additional two sensors right next to 64MP camera didn’t look essential and somewhat of no use.

We can’t blame the screen resolution only, it might be the 6.8” screen panel that undoubtedly quite large and at present people are seeking for a smaller phone. 

Well, this can be applied in the Moto G 5G too, but as we are getting a 5G feature that obvious to take more internal volume than 4G. Also, it makes sense to give a large screen size. 

That’s from the weekly poll result. Stay Tuned! For more polls update and tech news.


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