Webtoon collaboration between HYBE and Naver Webtoon with DC Comics on board

When it comes to having a webtoon dedicated to oneself, BTS is no stranger to it. “Save Me” was the first webtoon produced by HYBE (formerly known as BIG HIT Entertainment) that revolved around the lives of BTS members and was released in 2019.

‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’ was a precursor to the webtoon, with songs that followed a storyline similar to the webtoons. A webtoon introduced BTS Universe to the attention of fans, allowing followers of BTS to enjoy it for years to come.

According to reports, a new series on the members of BTS and their adventures will be produced by Naver Webtoon. As a result of the worldwide market’s reaction to BTS’s prominence in recent years, this is expected to be an important move for Naver and HYBE.

According to a Naver statement released on August 18, the company is planning to start a “Super Casting” initiative that will allow them to generate unique webtoons and material for various entertainment companies and musicians to increase their global reach and popularity. HYBE Labels is the first artist agency with which they plan to work. HYBE Labels is home to several Korean and now worldwide musicians.

Not only that, but the remark implied that DC Comics would be collaborating with HYBE on the project, making it global cooperation. On the other hand, DC Universe is claimed to be creating original webtoons based on DC Comics’ storylines or characters, according to reports. For example, a webtoon based on the K-pop giants, BTS, will be created by Naver Webtoon. Other artists from HYBE, as well as characters from DC Universe, will also be featured.

However, even though it is uncertain what the stories will be about, one thing is certain for fans: new or old fans of these artists are in for a treat, as Naver CEO explains in a statement: “We’ll exhibit webtoons that have new content and which new users, as well as old, may approach.”

“Our company knew that they wanted a storyline to continue for many years, and they always told us about how important it is to make a world like Star Wars or Marvel,” said RM (Namjoon) of BTS when asked about the expansion of BTS Universe. This is why most of BTS’ albums follow the story of the BTS Universe.

They need to take a break now and then, according to BTS’s Jin. According to the group, BE, their last full album was a break from the BTS Universe, which the boys say they’re sure they’ll return to in the future.


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