We Can Be Heroes 2 renewal status, release date, cast, trailer, and more

There are chances for We Can Be Heroes 2 to arrive on Netflix, if the director Robert Rodriguez gets his wish. This superhero film got dropped on the streaming service on December 25, 2020.

As soon as it arrived, fans were more than happy to see their childhood favorite characters Sharkboy and Lavagirl in the film. The film also introduced a set of new superheroes, which also includes, Sharkboy and Lavagirl’s daughter Guppy.

In the end, the director promised the viewers that they would be back with more heroes, but this entirely depends on if the film was a hit or a miss on the streaming service. Rodriguez stated that if this film becomes a success, then he would love to create a sequel. He also added that he has lots of ideas and adventures for the future.

We Can Be Heroes 2 launch date: When will the sequel get released?

As of now, it is a bit tricky to tell if there will be a sequel. It has only been a few days since it arrived on Netflix. Moreover, the filmmakers and the streaming service have not given green light. Even if it gets a new part, there are chances for the film’s production to get affected by the global pandemic. 

The filming of the first part began in August 2019 and got launched after a year on December 25, 2020. So by looking at the timeline, if the shooting of the second part starts next year, then we can expect it to release by the end of 2022.

We Can Be Heroes 2 cast: Who will return for We Can Be Heroes 2?

All the superheroes survived in the We Can Be Heroes, so we can expect them to return for another battle in the sequel film. We can also expect YaYa Gosselin to return as Missy Moreno.

Aside from this, Lyon Daniels (Noodles), Vivien Blair (Guppy), Andy Walken (Wheels), Nathan Blair (Wild Card), Lotus Blossom (A Capella), Akira Akbar (Fast Forward), Dylan Henry Lau (Slo-Mo), Isaiah Russell-Bailey (Rewind), as well as Andrew Diaz (Facemaker), to be back in the sequel film.

We aren’t sure if Hala Finley will return as Ojo because she is not one of the heroes. The same thing we can say for Christopher McDonald, who portrayed President Neil Anami and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who played the role of Ms. Granada. Both of their characters were aliens.

We can expect the adult heroes like Taylor Dooley as Lavagirl, Sung Kang as Blinding Fast, Christian Slater as Tech-No, Boyd Holbrook as Miracle Guy, as well as, Pedro Pascal as Marcus Moreno to return in the second part.

We Can Be Heroes 2 trailer: Is there any clips or footage revealed about the second film?

Currently, no teaser is released yet. We are afraid to say that because the film series is not renewed by the streaming giant.

Final Words

The first part of the film is available on Netflix, so you can watch it now. Talking about We Can Be Heroes 2, you will be the first to get informed if Netflix confirms and reveals the storyline, cast, and trailer of the second film. So for that, keep checking back with us regularly.


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