We Can Be Heroes 2: Release Date, Cast, Story Details, Will It Happen?

We Can Be Heroes became one of the hit films on Netflix in the Holiday season. So what do you think, will Netflix and the creators bring another film? Here we have written all the details about the upcoming movie.

Can we expect We Can Be Heroes 2 (Or Another Sharkboy & Lavagirl Movie) Release Anytime Soon?

We Can Be Heroes became a global success, and that is why without wasting time, Netflix decided to announce the sequel of the film. One great news is that We Can Be Heroes 2 is already in development. Moreover, Robert Rodriguez will serve as writer and director in the second part as well. 

Coming to the release date, the second installment does not have a projected launch date yet. And due to the current situation, it is tough to say when the movie will get released. Besides Robert is busy with his other projects like Disney+’s The Book of Boba Fett, which will release in late 2021. So we can look forward to the release of the second part of We Can Be Heroes in 2022.

We Can Be Heroes 2 Cast: Can fans expect any new faces?

Fans can expect the young cast of We Can Be Heroes to return in the next film. They will see their favorite stars reprising their roles, which includes YaYa Gosselin, Andrew Diaz, Lyon Daniels, Akira Akbar, Nathan Blair, Isaiah Russell-Bailey, Andy Walker, Vivien Blair, Lotus Blossom, as well as Dylan Henry Lau. 

We are unsure if the original team of Heroics will be part of the forthcoming film. However, fans are hoping to see Pedro Pascal as Marcus Moreno again.

All About We Can Be Heroes 2 Story

The storyline of We Can Be Heroes 2 is a mystery, and the creators have remained tight-lipped about it. But we can expect the plot to follow around the young Heroics who will be going on a new mission.

The first film has many similarities with the first Spy Kids film so, if Roberts decides to follow the same pattern, then we can expect Heroics going on a deadly mission that might need the intervention of their families. You can watch the Spy Kids 2 trailer below and get an idea of what might happen in We Can Be Heroes 2.

Final Words

There are chances for Sharkboy and Lavagirl to make an appearance in We Can Be Heroes 2 but as minor roles. We will find more about the second part of We Can Be Heroes, so stay tuned with us.


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