Apple’s new operating system for their smartwatches watchOS8 will be launching after a long time in future but we are already speculating about the features that we want to see in the new watchOS 8.

Though we do not currently know what the new OS might have, there will be new leaks and rumours keep coming out in the future and we will keep you updated with all of them. But for now, let’s talk about just the expectations about the upcoming OS.


The previous version of the OS watchOS 7 was launched in September 2020 which gives us a hint that the new watchOS 8 might also release by September 2021. We are also expecting that the iPhone 13 and Apple watch 7 will also launch by the same time.

Talking about the past announcements by the company, Apple has many a times, announced about their watchOS updates in their annual event WWDC which most of the times held in the month of June. So, we are hoping that watch OS might be announced earlier than the announcements of iPhone 12 and Apple Watch 7. 


Talking about the compatibility, the last released watchOS 7 was compatible with all models of Apple watch 3 and later released models. So, we are expecting the same this time also. Because the company is still selling the Apple Watch 3, we believe that they will have the new update for Apple Watch 3 too.


  1. Sleep Tracker- We want that the watch should come with a better sleep tracking functionality than its previous OS versions. The earlier OS just provides basic data about sleep and we want much more than that.
  2. Hand Wash Monitoring- There is a feature in smartwatches where it asks users to wash their hands at times. This is a very useful feature and gained more popularity after the Covid-19 pandemic.
  3. A better App Store access- If we talk about the Apple watch app store, it is not as good and convenient as the mobile App Store. There were no categories for the apps and no recommendations too, they just randomly showed apps which we really didn’t find that useful. we are expecting a big improvement there.

So, we have noted all the main features that we are really looking forward to seeing in the new Apple Watch OS 8. If there is anything that you want to mention, you can add it into comments.


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