Watch “A Million Little Things” Season 3, Episode 2 live

Heyy everyone!

Season 2 was ended on a high note with accident of Eddie. 

Live explanation:

Scene starts with Eddie adjusting himself on the wheelchair. After that, he goes to grab the mug through spatula handle.

After that, Katherine leave for work and Theo for school. Exactly after, Eddie realises that his chair and phone are on opposite side of the room, which made him restless because of helplessness of not able to do anything.

Scene shifts to Gary picking Theo from school. He finds Eddie in absurd condition and was peed into his pants because of not able to go to the bathroom. Being his best friend, Gary spilled a glass of water on him so that no one knows that he actually peed. 

Eddie broke down in front of Gary and commits that he is not OK.

What will Gary do next?

Gary called their common friend Rome and three met on basketball game. Eddie complaint that he would not be able to play. But friends being friend, they dragged Eddie and made him play while sitting on wheelchair which Eddie enjoyed. 

What is happening at home?

Katherine finds the pee pants and was freaked out. She was feeling very guilty. And decided to keep a home helper while she will be out of house. 

She found Dercy (whom Eddie wrecked) as Eddie’s physio therapist. She promised her loyalty to Katherine. Which made Gary ask her, “Why did you changed your heart?” and Dercy said that she is doing all this for Katherine and not for Eddie.

This is a short clip of Eddie and Katherine which shows that how strong their bond was- 

Next scene shifts:

Katherine, Theo and Eddie were playing ping pong in the house when doorbell rings. Theo goes and saw Alex’s dad came. Katherine came to see and saw him and he said that he came on the wrong address and apologises. 

Katherine felt it very threatening and creepy. 

Elsewhere in the Friends of Jon:

Maggie in Oxford hostel along with her roommate Jamie Bond was seeing a prop comedy. Where he confided that he hates to go to therapists because a counsellor after the death of his mother told his confidential information to his father.

And the episode wrapped up.

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