Warning call from British Culture Secretary for the want of adding disclaimer: Netflix waves the flag of “No plan and No need to add.”

When recreating the story of great lives or the great legendries, much concentration should be fed for the exact representation of famous personalities. In no way the production team or the directing team should misinterpret the actual sequences of their life. 

But chances are plenty for the unintentional misinterpretation, which is why some directors add disclaimer in the beginning of the movie or any other show. It is appropriate to add a disclaimer saying it is a movie of fiction, where no one can question. You might be blinking now for why am I saying all these. 

Read this update till the end to know why we are talking all these stuffs.

A warning call from British Culture Minister to Netflix:

On November 28, Oliver Dowden, has reported to Mail on Sunday over the issue of not adding a disclaimer to the most celebrated series in the recent times “The Crown.” Dowden absolutely knows that the series is “The Crown” is produced purely out of fiction. He even commented on the show that it was a “beautifully produced work of fiction.” Further he added that there are ample number of chances that the story of Prince Charles and Princess Diana represented in the series might be misinterpreted by the present age generation.

This current generation people can never know the exact happenings of the Royal family. They should not be voluntarily given an opportunity to misunderstand the facts of the Royal family. So, it would be much better if the series “The Crown” gets aired with a small disclaimer saying it is only a work of fiction. It is as simple as that if they give it in the beginning.

Netflix’s reply over the warning call:

The streaming giant made its point very clear saying that the people are well aware of what they watch. They highly know that the series is very much fictional.  Their reply was so straightforward. Their exact words are as follows:

“We have always presented The Crown as a drama-and we have every confidence our members understand it is a work of fiction that is broadly based on historical events.”

So, what is your opinion over the warning of adding the disclaimer.

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