Warner Bros. Will Pay Filmmakers for HBO Max Releases

Recently, Warner Bros. decided to release all its 2021 movies on HBO Max on the same day as their cinematical releases. After making such a controversial decision, the studio is determined, how it will pay the creators of the films.

They are now figuring out how they will compensate the filmmakers using a new model. The studio made this decision last month, and since then, it is criticized for its decision. Here you will know everything about how WB will pay the film creators in detail. So please keep reading.

After this controversial decision, many talent representatives, theaters, and directors have raised their voices about WB’s deal. Even the Directors Guild of America wrote a letter to the studio and requested the company to keep a meeting.

Furthermore, even Christopher Nolan has opposed this plan. Some have even supported the studio’s plan and revealed that streaming films at home are a better alternative than watching them in cinemas during the global pandemic.

Currently, Warner Bros. is finalizing a series of agreements with various partners. Some sources reveal that Warner Bros. will pay guaranteed compensation to the cast, crew, and directors of the films. Usually, a film has to bring a certain amount of profit to the box office for the filmmakers to get a bonus.

If the theaters remain close, then the creators will gain lower profits as well. The revenue for the creators will be coming from HBO Max, so it will have to pay money to Warner Bros. Later on, that fee will get distributed to the filmmakers. 

All the seventeen films of Warner Bros. will stream on the HBO Max for a full month. The deal guarantees that all the partners of WB will get paid. Streaming the films on their theatrical release date might prevent the movies from collecting revenue as it does in box office smash, but the coronavirus restrictions have put a limit on that profit receiving from box offices.

Final words

Before making this decision to release the films on HBO Max, WB did not consult its partners. After understanding the model, the filmmakers were caught off guard. Currently, the studio is looking for more deals that can favor filmmakers. However, WB won’t benefit in a long term. This model will expire after one year, WB may be facing the consequences of the temporary solution. One good thing about this deal is that the crew members and the writers will also get bonuses from film releases.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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Warner Bros. Will Pay Filmmakers for HBO Max Releases

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