Recently, HBO Max disclosed the first look of Starfire costume in Titans season 3. After her costume got revealed, fans could stop themselves from comparing it with the comics costume. Titans first aired in 2018 and became the first live-action series to launch on DC Universe. The first season was appreciated by viewers and that led to the second season, and according to the sources the next season is on its way.

The upcoming season is expected to arrive on HBO Max. However, the production of the series got delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. In the previous two seasons, the heroes endured tier far share of hardships and pains, but it seems like the new season will dig deeper into the titular team and introduce new characters.

Fans are mostly heard talking about Jason Todd’s (Curran Walters) into Red Hood, but these days, they are more excited to know about Kory Anders, aka Starfire (Anna Diop). Below, you can check Jason’s outfit.

In the previous seasons, the plot chronicled around Starfire trying to recall her memories, but in the new season, the fans will get to know more about her character. After the arrival of her murderous sister Blackfire (Damaris Lewis), in the third season, we might see Kory turn into Starfire. So those who were waiting for this opportunity after reading the comics will get to see it now.

The Titan’s official social media handle revealed the first look of Starfire on November 23, 2020. If you haven’t seen the look yet, then you can check it out below. The look got unveiled after Titans shared Jason’s Red Hood costume a while back. Titans season 3 was scheduled to arrive this fall, and the series has also teased several characters’ costume reveal to the fans. And this is why the curiosity level has risen among them, and they want to know what will happen in season 3.

Final Words

Fans have been waiting for the next season for more than a year, and we don’t know when will season 3 arrive on the streaming service. One thing is sure that the creators are planning something big for Kory, and she might achieve her full potential has Starfire. 

Besides, some fans were hoping for this to happen in the first two seasons of Titans. So now, they can take relief because their prayers have been heard.

So what is your opinion about the Starfire costume? Return to our website regularly to know more about Titans season 3.


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