Shantel VanSanten who plays Patty Spivot, a Central City Police detective in ‘The Flash’ has revealed the fact about her abrupt role in the TV show. This question is risen because her character was introduced as a detective who has a potential love interest for Barry Allen and despite this, she got a brief character.

All you need to know

‘The Flash’ has come up with six seasons so far, but here the question is related to season two. VanSanten made her debut as Patty Spivot in ‘The Flash’ as a Central City Police detective. She got success in finding her place in the anti-human task force of Joe West and Barry. 

But despite Barry’s affection toward her childhood friend Iris played Candice Patton which is so obvious, he asked Patty to leave the group and the pair shared a kiss to end the things. 

If you ask from ‘The Boys’ fame, she would say that she knew already that Patty and Barry couldn’t cross the line even if she found that Barry’s story is ended things with Iris in Comic books. She revealed another fact that she wanted to be with the show till the season second end. However, her character lasts up to the eleventh episode after she planned to play on another program. 

When publications asked Shantel about her early exit, she touched the whole script of Patty’s quick and abrupt exit. She told them that her exit wasn’t supposed this early. As per the contract, she had to be in the show till the season end but the showrunner which is not part of the right now, wanted me to leave. It made her so upset and she decided to leave. Well, she is still unaware that who else knows about this issue. 

Season two of the show aired in 2015, at that time showrunners were Andrew Kreisberg, Gabriel Stanton, Aaron Helbing, and Todd Helbing. Kreisberg faced few allegations including sexual harassment. So, he was fired by Warner Bros in 2017. Todd and Aaron also left the show in the fifth and third seasons respectively. 


Despite all, she accepts that she had a great time on the set of ‘The Flash’. She said that she has so many friends from the show. But she found it awful too that how someone allowed his feelings to come in the way of the success of the show. Moreover, She is quite happy that the person has left the show. 

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