Best Social Networking Sites to Promote a Business

Social media has taken the world by storm. Of course, there is no dearth of social networking sites out there. Each is unique and carries its own advantages. In this article, we will talk about how different businesses can be promoted on different social networking platforms. 

Top Platforms on Social Media for Your Business


Twitch is a site where gamers stream their gameplay live. It is a place where gaming enthusiasts get the opportunity to interact with each other. Twitch acts as a common forum for people with shared interests. As a result, it is the ideal platform for companies that design games to receive feedback. One example of this is casino games like poker and slots. There are many streams on Twitch in this niche, with influencers working with businesses to help the audience find the best deals. Many work with comparison sites that find all the best online casinos, which analyses all operators for the best welcome bonuses and only list safe sites to play at. They also provide guidance on all possible payment methods, such as Neteller or Bitcoin as well as guides and tips on how to play every game.


Facebook is one of the best platforms irrespective of what kind of business you may be trying to promote. You can share all kinds of content, be it video, images, text, or audio. What makes Facebook stand out is that it is a treasure trove of data. Facebook has over 1 billion users around the world as of today. Data is available everywhere; what they like, what they see, where they are, with whom they are – everything is visible. That is why advertising firms use Facebook for advertising the right products to the right consumers at the right time. Reaching your ideal audience with precision is made easy. 


Instagram is a platform where you can share short clips and images. However, it is primarily used by users to share images. It is the ideal platform for a business involved in the industry of fashion. Influencers are being paid to upload content endorsing clothing brands and cosmetics. If you are looking for a practical guide to use Instagram for business, you should have a look at the Kardashians strategy. They came from a humble beginning with a show on television some years ago. Now, they have established their name as a brand and they are running a full-fledged empire.


Twitter is a platform that is often used by celebrities to maintain a personal connection with their fans. From witty quotes to festive greetings, fans get to see their favourite stars in a way they have never seen them before. Looking at how celebrities are gaining from this, companies have also started following through. Brands like Netflix are literally building their own unique personality through the incorporation of exceptional comic timing. Once in a while, you even get to see some funny banter between competing brands like Coke and Pepsi. It teaches you how great an impact you can make without taking everything too seriously. 


If your business is involved in the domain of media and cinematography, you should definitely give YouTube a try. The platform is used for sharing videos and you can even rent movies on this site. In fact, producers often let critics and reviewers upload their reactions while watching their movies for promotional purposes. Everyone keeps obsessing over how to get more views on YouTube because the platform itself pays its creators for it. So, if a YouTuber promotes a product and gets more views for it, you have a win-win situation. 

Tik Tok

If your company produces music, there can be no better way of promoting it other than Tik Tok. It is an app where users share short clips and, like on YouTube, they also get paid if they have enough followers. Occasionally, you see trends emerging on the platform where more and more users start uploading their own clips with the same music in the background. This does wonder for not just their own channel but also the popularity of the music. As the trend keeps attracting more followers, the song keeps getting heard by more and more people. You can even find updated playlists of Tik Tok on Spotify. 


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