Wanda Vision Releases Its New Second Trailer

The forthcoming American t. v miniseries Wanda Vision hits the screen with its new second trailer on Disney’s Investor Day. 

The release of trailer created a huge buzz amidst its fans and the audiences. It seems to reveal the cat out of the bag regarding Marvel’s series.

What does the trailer speak to its fan followers?

It is apparent that both Wanda and Vision are relishing with each other for about ten years. At a certain point, Vision feels anxious over something which he seems to feel discomfort. He expresses his worry to Wanda. 

Later, through the radio comes a voice yelling at Wanda. The voice asks Wanda the following, “Wanda, can you read me? Who is doing this to you?”  This voice is guessed to be the voice of the FBI agent named Jimmy Woo, who was assigned to fend for Scott Lang, who appears in the Ant- Man and the Wasp.

One cannot come to a point that Wanda would be moving to the charade just because she might be trapped. Few moments later, Kathryn Hahn’s questions Wanda about what a single lady like her is doing in her locality. No sooner she asks, Wanda brings the wedding band to her and on the fingers of Vision also.

Quickly  Glimpse Over The Plot Of Wanda Vision:

The superpower couple Wanda and Vision move to a town called Westview, where they begin to lead a typical life of a suburban life style. They more consciously try to hide the powers they possess. But things turn out to be different from what they thought it would be.

Release Date Of Wanda Vision:

With the release of two trailers for Wanda Vision, it is evident that the show is very close for its launch. With all its six episodes, it will get aired on January 15, 2021. It will be made available on Disney+.

Hey guys! Check out the trailer of Wanda Vision 2. Here is the link.

Don’t you want to know who are all the cast and characters in Wanda Vision?

Elizabeth Olsen is playing the role of Wanda Maximoff

Paul Bettany is playing the role of Vision

Teyonah Parris is playing the role of Monica Rambeau

Randall Park is playing the role of Jimmy Woo

Kathryn Hahn is playing the role of Agnes

So, tell, who is your favorite character and how did you find the trailer? 


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