Walker: Independence – What We Know So Far About The Release Date, Cast, And Plot

“Walker,” is now in its second season and has proven to be a huge hit for The CW. Walker, a gritty remake of the Chuck Norris action series from the 1990s. Starring Padalecki as the titular Texas cop who is juggling a busy schedule of busting bad guys. By raising his teenage children without their late mother.

 “Walker” has given the character a new depth and pathos that its action-focused predecessor had little interest in exploring during its first and a half-season on The CW. Padalecki is the ideal post-Supernatural vehicle. Having proven himself to be a legitimate small screen lead in the show, which he also executive produces.

With the success of the current season of “Walker” it appears that the show’s creative team is planning a brand new prequel series for The CW. By Deadline, it will be titled “Walker: Independence.” Everything we’ve learned so far is summarized here.

When Will Walker: Independence Be Released?

We don’t have much information to share with you because “Walker: Independence” had just been announced at the time this article was written. According to the website, it is still listed as “in development.” As far as we can tell, members of the “Independence” creative team are working on “Walker” The new storyline for “Walker” which premiered on Sunday, was co-written by Anna Fricke and Seamus Fahey, the executive producer of “Independence.”

The New Series Will Also Feature Executive Producer Jared Padalecki

 In case you were wondering, “Walker: Independence” will be broadcast on The CW. There is currently no word on when the show will air on the network. Given that the series is still in development, we may not see “Walker: Independence” on The CW anytime soon. Keep an eye out for updates on when the new show will be available to watch online.

The Main Characters In Walker: Independence Has Yet To Be Casted

Walker: Independence is a prequel series, so you’d think we’d get to see some of the show’s other characters before they got to where they are now. This would be an incorrect assumption. Whether we like it or not, we won’t see a single character from the current “Walker” series in “Independence.”

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