VPN Unlimited hasn’t transformed much since our last glance at it (though it now includes WireGuard), but everything else has. still wants to sell VPN Unlimited as part of a larger package, but the extras are now much more security-focused, with add-ons like a password manager, DNS firewall.

Facilities And Capabilities

VPN Unlimited has 2 types of apps: a computer version and a Windows Store version. I prefer the Windows Store app over the other. It’s more user-friendly, and it looks better. The map isn’t interactive, but it does show your home IP address and the IP address you’re connecting to, along with an arc drawn between them.

You can either use the Servers option and select in the left rail or the current-location tile at the end of the main screen to choose a server. VPN Unlimited has 58 country options and several streaming-specific servers for BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Netflix US, HBO Now, Hulu, and Sony Crackle, among others.

VPN on a MacBook

Learn how to connect VPN On Macbook now. Select Apple menu > System Choices, then click Network on your Mac. Click the Settings icon in the list on the left, simply select VPN from the Interface pop-up menu. Based on the network you’re connecting to, click the VPN Type pop-up menu and select the type of VPN connection you want to establish.

The workload of the current server is such a thing I liked that the app no normally listed. Instead, it now shows a set of reception bars, similar to what you’d see on your phone, to show you how accessible each server is from your location. This is now also possible with the traditional desktop app. It’s fine, but I preferred the old way. Torrents are allowed on VPN Unlimited’s servers that are marked as such in the list. There are also tabs for favorites and all of the streaming options in the server section. 

You can now select your own protocol with VPN Unlimited. The VPN needs to support WireGuard, IKEv2, OpenVPN, and the company’s own  Wise by default, but if you want to specify, it supports WireGuard, IKEv2, OpenVPN, and the company’s own  Wise. The remaining choices in the app are for renewing your subscription, purchasing add-ons like a DNS firewall, password manager, and Smart DNS, and managing your account. The Windows 10 app’s settings section is also sparse, with only the options to use light or dark mode and to run the app on startup. The Windows 10 version lacks an internet kill switch, but if you need it, you can find it in the traditional desktop app.

In this new and updated version of VPN Unlimited, I put the service to a thorough test to see if there are any problems with speed, data leaks, features, and connection stability. While VPN Unlimited has improved since the last update, I still experience various problems with both Mac OS and Windows VPN clients that display the user’s actual IP address. Speed   was also somewhat disappointing to servers in the United States. I also found the VPN Unlimited data collection policies relevant, and we will cover this topic in more detail below. Overall, VPN Unlimited has made some improvements, though not yet recommended.


  • Easy to use
  • Payment options with Cryptocurrency and gift card
  • Live chat support
  • Netflix live streaming servers (but slow)


  • About data collection processes
  • Error execution switch leaks user data
  • IP address is leaking to the Mac OS client
  • Slow speed (North American servers)
  • Based in the United States

Background Vpn Testing And Power

The next VPN Unlimited company is KeepSolid Inc. KeepSolid Inc.  As we have discussed earlier, the United States is generally considered to be the worst management of VPN services. This is due to improper monitoring rules and procedures (see Five Eyes). We also discussed the issue in the NordVPN vs IPVanish comparison, in which IPVanish was forced to register FBI users.

VPN Unlimited Costs

VPN Unlimited costs $60 per year for five devices, $140 for a lifetime membership (at the time of writing), or $10 per month on a month-to-month basis. For an additional $1.66 per month, also offers the aforementioned add-ons (Passwarden, DNS Firewall, and SmartDNS).

The Speeds Of Performance

The speeds of Performance VPN Unlimited have decreased significantly since the last time we tested it. Across five locations and multiple testing days, we only got 19.81 percent of the base speed. That’s a significant decrease from the last time we saw 35%. Lower performance in Australia and Japan, as well as some inconsistent speeds in the United States and Germany, lowered the scores.

Confidentiality, Privacy, And Anonymity

VPN Unlimited privacy policy states that it will not track your browsing history, connection times, metadata, downloads, server usage, or data content. It also does not keep track of IP addresses. Nonetheless, the gathers some details from VPN users, such as your device ID, system software and variant, number of connected devices (to keep your account within its limits), and email address, according to the company.  Accepts Bitpay, credit card, Google Pay, PayPal, and Paymentwall as payment methods. Vasiliy Ivanov is the company’s CEO, and the company’s official business address is in New York City, though the majority of the company’s team and leadership are based in Ukraine.

Unlimited VPN Setup Issues

VPN Unlimited has an integrated setup process that has not worked very well for me. To begin, choose a monthly fee and enter your email address to establish a login.  As noted above, they are trying to link your VPN account with social media accounts, which is bad in terms of privacy. After the subscription purchase, I then downloaded my VPN Unlimited Windows VPN client Windows 10 computer for testing. Later in the day, I tried to connect to a VPN server with a VPN Unlimited Windows client, but I was blocked by the following message:

VPN Unlimited Speed Test

With this VPN Unlimited update, I have done different speed tests using servers in Europe, the United States and Canada. While some of the nearest servers in Europe offer the OK rate, remote servers in the US and Canada did not work very well (even considering long distances). All tests were performed using a 100 Mbps ethernet connection at my actual location in Europe. Nearby servers in Europe provided decent speed, though nowhere near my original speed. Here I was checking a server near Paris, France, but my speed was reduced to only 45 Mbps.

Is VPN Unlimited Secure And Private?

In a recent evaluation, I discovered that VPN Unlimited programmed had a variety of data security flaws, including data leakage. Since then, you may have received notifications from VPN Unlimited assistants about development authority that have improved leak optimizing the parameters. Let’s look at the findings now. 

Windows Unlimited Vpn Client

First, I used the VPN Unlimited Windows client to use a few basic VPN tests to check for active leaks when connected to different servers. Thankfully, there were no current breaches with the Windows client. 


VPN Unlimited has usable speeds and an easy-to-use app. I still want that map to be interactive, but it’s not a deal-breaker. It has a good privacy policy, with minimal data collection. It would be preferable if the company didn’t collect your device type or required you to log in with an email address to maintain your anonymity. Account sign-in, on the other hand, is pretty much the industry standard for VPNs.


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