One of the leading computer chip manufacturing companies Intel has announced that they will be appointing VMware Inc CEO Pat Geslinger as Intel’s CEO as the current chief Bob Swan will step down from his position next month. Intel announced the news on Tuesday that the 40-year industry leader Pat will be the next chief on Intel.

The current CEO Bob Swan will step down on February 15th, 2021 and after then, Geslinger will be the new chief.

Omar Ishrak who is independent chairman of Intel board, was really happy with the new CEO announcement and he praised the company and said about how the new chief will help the company grow with his expertise and experience. He said that Pat is one of the technology leaders and has a great record of innovating things and has a deep knowledge of Intel. The board took time to think thoroughly and then only decided to appoint Pat. Pat will ensure the growth, innovation, and development of the company will implement proper strategies and will be a great decision by the board, as per Omar.


Geslinger said in a statement that it would be a privilege for him to return to such a leading company as he has already worked in Intel for 30 years with multiple positions. He began his career from intel and might retire from Intel itself. Swan was appointed by the company as CEO just two years ago in January 2019, we don’t know what might have gone wrong that he is stepping down so soon. When Swan was working as chief, the company faced a tough competition from AMD and a UK based company Arm. Also, they faced a major loss when Apple announced that they would use their own manufactured M1 chips in their system and they broke a 15 years partnership with Intel.

Swan has more of a business background as he has served as CFO of Intel and eBay in the past. On the other hand, Geslinger has more of a technology background as he was appointed as CTO of Intel in 2000. Geslinger is more likely to help the company improve their current position.

Though the company has said that the announcement has no relation to its financial performance and they have just made the decision for the future.

Do you think it was the right decision by the company to appoint Pat Geslinger to appoint as CEO or Bow Swan should have stayed for some time?


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