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Siva wrote and directed Viswasam (Allegiance), a Tamil-language action drama film released in 2019. Ajith Kumar and Nayanthara star in the film. The film was officially released on November 20, 2017, by Sathya Jyothi Films, and principal photography began in May 2018. The film was released on January 10, 2019, and it was a box office success. At the 67th National Film Awards, D. Imman was named Best Music Director.


Thookku Durai is the esteemed chieftain of his village in the Theni district, Koduvilaarpatti. As Thooku Durai’s rival Kozhimuthu tries to prevent a Thiruvizha (a Tamil festival) from taking place at the village’s Ayyanar temple after ten years, the event is called off. Thooka Durai’s pride, however, scares him and his henchman, and the Thiruvizha goes ahead as planned; however, his family and friends have been waiting to see his wife and daughter for a long time. Thooku Durai agrees to meet them in Mumbai after much deliberation.

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On the journey, Thooku Durai’s uncle’s Merit and Rosamani are unhappy with his current life and remind him of his life 10–12 years ago: Thooku Durai used to be a jovial man who owned a rice mill. He was also a decent guy, despite his proclivity for using violence to solve problems. While chasing down a few thugs, he runs into Niranjana, a doctor who witnesses his shenanigans and files a complaint against him. Thooku Durai is smitten with Niranjana the moment he sees her.

He surrenders to the cops out of love for her, but she is forced to release him after Aavudaiyappan threatens to shut down her medical clinic unless she pays him. Thooku Durai relocates her field to his rice mill after battling the goons. Niranjana realises her feelings for Thooku Durai and makes a proposal, which he accepts after some thought. They marry and have a happy life together, but Niranjana is troubled by Thooku Durai’s feuds. Soon after, she becomes pregnant and is admitted into one of the world’s most prestigious pharmaceutical programs, which she declines in favor of Thooku Durai. After their daughter Swetha is born, one day, Niranjana leaves town one day after receiving a pledge from Thooku Durai not to carry Swetha to any fights. On the way to pick her up, Aavudaiyappan, an old rival seeking vengeance, engages Thooku Durai in a fight.

After failing to locate Niranjana at the train station, Thooku Durai locates her at home, where the baby passes out due to injuries sustained during the war. She survives after being rushed to the emergency room, but Niranjana is furious with Thooku Durai and tells him to stay away from her and the boy, after which she leaves him. 

Returning to the present, Thooku Durai tries unsuccessfully to meet with Niranjana at her business, Niranjana Pharmaceuticals. Later, he sees Swetha, his daughter, who is competing in the Junior National 100-meter dash. When Swetha is threatened with death, she returns home. Thooku Durai appears just in time to save her. Gautham Veer is then revealed to be the perpetrator, as his daughter Neha was paralyzed while attempting suicide.

Gautham is the CEO of Skyline Exports and the owner of several multinational corporations. He expects to be first in everything, as he has in the past, including academics and sports. He anticipates the same from Neha, who is milliseconds slower than Swetha. After Gautham threatens Neha that if she loses, she will lose all love for him, she turns to dope, which helps her win the race. Swetha, unfortunately, discovers this and reports it to the authorities. Neha attempts suicide but is frozen in the process, fearing that her father’s integrity and love will be lost forever. When Gautham sees his daughter’s state, he becomes devastated and threatens to have Swetha killed at all costs.

Following her rescue, Thooku Durai requests that Niranjana appoint him as Swetha’s driver for the next ten days, before her competition, on the condition that he not disclose any details about him being her father, which she reluctantly agrees. He loves being with his daughter and has saved her from goons on many occasions. Later, Thooku Durai confronts Gautham and challenges him. Unfortunately, Thooku Durai is hit by a car and is critically injured before Swetha’s competition. Thooku Durai recovers after Swetha is forced to leave for America. Swetha also takes Gautham’s wife and daughter with her. Gautham fights an already injured Thooku Durai before the competition, and Niranjana reveals that Thooku Durai is Swetha’s father. Swetha struggles during the competition because she lacks motivation.

Thooku Durai fights back against Gautham, makes it to the racetrack, and inspires his daughter by whistling. Swetha is the winner of the race. Gautham arrives on the road at the same time, intending to attack Thooku Durai, but after seeing his daughter recover, he realises his error. Thooku Durai informs Gautham that children should be allowed to grow up as they wish, rather than being forced to conform to their parent’s wishes. Swetha is named the winner, with Niranjana adding Thooku Durai’s name to hers, and they reunite with Thooku Durai.

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Viswasam is a Tamil film starring megastar Ajith and lady supermodel Nayanthara. Siva is the writer and director of the film.

Viswasam is Ajith and Siva’s fourth partnership. The two had previously collaborated on blockbusters such as Veeram, Vedalam, and Vivegam.

The film starring Ajith Kumar is expected to break box office records. Since the film’s release coincided with Rajinikanth’s Petta, Thala’s fans continued to flock to theatres close to them.

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Alternatives To Tamilrockers And Isaimini

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How To Watch Viswasam Movie Legally?

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It is still preferable to watch your favorite movies on the internet from registered websites. In that scenario, you’re safe and can relax when watching your movie. Customers must pay for such films to view or download them from approved websites. The only safe way to watch or download movies is to use a legal website. Aside from illegal or pirate websites, there are several registered film websites where consumers can watch or download films. Do you want to watch or download Viswasam Movie from a legal source? Amazon Prime is making the way.

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