‘Virgin River’: 6 Theories About Who Shot

Virgin River is the 2019 Netflix series following the life of a nurse from LA who moves to a seemingly quiet town to heal from trauma where she finds quite a few things that completely change her life. It is based on the Robyn Carr novels of the same name. The show’s first season was well received and it has been confirmed that the show will have at least three seasons. You can watch the trailer of the second season here- 

This season saw some twists and we saw Jack getting shot. Here are a few theories as to who might have shot him! According to showrunner Sue Tenney, “Not everything is as it seems.

#1 Calvin

This seems like the most obvious answer and he is notorious and Jack has been trying to bring down his illegal marijuana business throughout the show. But that seems too obvious to be true. “The writers definitely are leading you to believe that it’s that group of people, it’s the Calvin group of people,” she mused to Entertainment Tonight, but added, “If there’s a season three, maybe there will be a twist in that.”

#2 Jimmy

Jimmy is Calvin’s right hand when it comes to doing all the dirty jobs and it will not be a surprise as he has already proclaimed his desire to “put a bullet right between [Jack’s] eyes”

#3 Brady

We can not be sure if it is him as he was the one who stopped Jimmy from talking more about how he wanted to end Jack. On the other hand he was the one who willingly joined Calvin’s gang first though he later claimed that wanted to leave.

#4 Charmaine

Least likely of all is that Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) shot her casual hookup-turned-baby daddy, though this theory has one major supporter: Jack himself. “It’s definitely Charmaine. I mean, do the math. I’m convinced,” Henderson told ET, semi-jokingly.

To be honest, we don’t have a solid suspect. Let’s just hope that Jack survives and we get a more interesting story development.


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