It is not until autumn that the formal end is September 22nd, which means that there are still plenty of technical summers to enjoy this year and weather seems to be agreed in many areas. So you may as well make the most of the warm days on the beach before you are dragged back to school, or even dream about them while pushing you to purchase another bathrobe. And, Hollywood vintage is the best spot for your longing to be wild and become inspired by the classic summer style.

Vintage celebrities adopted designs that managed to transcend decades from those high-level bikinis that are now visible on beaches to leopard print and parasols. Back in time, in fact, is the best approach to get inspiration that paradoxically makes you appear like a trailblazer while keeping you secure inside the limits of what has previously worked. For your own eternal summer, the following styles of vintage celebrity are the inspiration.

Out of the Sun With A Parsol, Audrey Hepburn

If you go to the beach or an outdoor sports event the next time you’re, try adding an umbrella for immediate Hollywood flair to your list of accessories. Sunflowers are a fad that has not returned but that is not just a declaration of the style, they are clever with the rising strength of UV radiation. Audrey Hepburn made her white sundress and bare feet even a basic parasol seem elegant on the golf course.

Shows Off Animal Print Elizabeth Taylor

In a single piece of backless bikini with a cheetah pattern, Elizabeth Taylor understood how to rob the show and must have grabbed attention. The profound v cuts and heels contributed to the sex attraction. One-stuck bathing suits are typically neglected when you choose seductive beachwear, but a striking design and the proper shape may make all the difference. And, bonus, animal printing is now on the trend.

Geometric Goes Dorothy Dandridge

Right now, it is common to check it out, as proof that the decision of Dorothy Dandridge was ageless in 1957. Although it selected a smaller cut than some of its competitors, its audacity certainly turned its heads – as was its unmistakable star quality. Anything checked can lend an elegant vintage vibe to your wardrobe this summer if you incline towards retro designs.

The beach’s glamorous Lucille Ball

Sometimes it is nice to look at a bit of extra fabric on the beach, and the cut of the one-piece Lucille Ball with integrated sarong flatters across different types of bodies. It’s unquestionably glamorous also, perhaps because Old Hollywood is like that. Add a pair of vintage sunglasses and a large hat and the chicest man on sand will be you.


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