The BBC One crime drama Vigil has been officially renewed by BBC. Not a lot of people are surprised at the renewal as season 1 became very popular. Everyone is no doubt excited at the announcement and is eagerly waiting for the news of the release date. Well, we might have something on that and a bit more. Let’s start then at the production details of season 2. 

Vigil Season 2

Season 2 is going to be directed by James Strong and Isabelle Sieb. Show creator Tom Edge is going to write the screenplay of season 2. The production for season 2 is going to be done by World Productions. Season 2 will once again come out on the BBC One tv channel and on the BBC iPlayer streaming service. Right now, no trailer for season 2 has been released.
That is quite natural as it has been reported that season 2 is yet to start filming. That automatically places the release date somewhere in 2023 as filming and then editing will easily take up this whole year. Whenever in 2023 the season 2 releases, it should retain its 9 pm slot on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

Let’s then shift our focus on the cast of season 2.

Vigil Season 2 cast

In season 2, we will see Suranne Jones as Amy Silva, Rose Leslie as Kirsten Longacre, Paterson Joseph as Neil Newsome, Shaun Evans as Elliot Glover, Anjili Mohindra as Tiffany Docherty, Connor Swindells as Simon Hadlow, Daniel Portman as Gary Walsh, and Lois Chimimba as Tara Kierly. A lot of the main cast members from season 1 will not be returning for season 2 because their respective characters have died in the show. This means that a lot of new characters could be introduced in season 2 as the submarine requires its full crew to function properly. Next, we have the plot details of season 2.

Vigil Season 2 plot

In season 1 we saw that the whole incident of the sinking of the fishing trawler was at last presented as a thing done by a Russian submarine and not by HMS Vigil. In season 2 then, the surviving crew members of the HMS Vigil will be back for more action. For now, it is difficult to say what adventure they will encounter this time.

Hopefully, there will be less killing this time onboard the HMS Vigil. But then, given the nature of the show itself, killing seems to be almost inevitable. Who gets killed this time is not very clear right now. It looks like we will have to wait till the first episode of season 2 premieres on BBC One next year. 

Thus, for the time being the fans of the show will have to wait at least for this year to see their favorite characters once again. If you are a new fan and want to catch up then go to BBC iPlayer where all season 1 episodes are available. 

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