Hi Cinephiles! Have you been watching Victoria Seasons already and looking for the new season?

On that note, let us inform you that the 3 seasons are highly praised and achieved a lot of attention from the audience. As a result, fans are looking forward for the Victoria Season 4

 Hence, here we are with the complete report on Victoria’s all the season!

 If you are planning to start with the series let us share the glimpse of facts:

Everything you should know about the Victoria series!!

 Season 1 Performance Report

Victoria Season 1 Release: 28 August,2016

 Storyline: This season shows the early life of Queen Victoria which is beautifully portrayed by Jenna Coleman. It focuses on how a small girl Victoria ascends the throne of Britain at the small age of 18. She is highly influenced by her advisor Lord Melbourne who is played by Rufus Sewell. The first phase also shows the beautiful love story between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Germany who is played by Tom Hugues.

Later they get married in the show and are blessed with their first child named Princess Royal who plays important roles in upcoming parts of the show.

 Victoria Season 1 Number of Episodes: 8

Victoria Season 1 Rating and Reviews: As per the IMDB, Victoria season 1 scored 8.2/10, and the Rotten Tomatoes performance meter showcased 4.3/5.

Victoria Season 1: Conspiracy Details: Season One Historical Accuracy!

Well, no success can be achieved without certain challenges. Post the huge success of season 1, certain questions were pointed on its historical view. Here are the details!

Season one takes us to Britain of 1819 when Queen Victoria ascended the throne and turned Britain into a global power. At her time many technical and social changes took place in Britain Society. There were many key events that related the show to the history of Britain, one of them is the death of King William uncle of Victoria.

The series shows the ups and downs faced by Victoria while ruling the kingdom. It reflects the monarchy of that time and the impact of Great Britain on Globalization. Though, when Victoria married Albert a situation of chaos was created.

 The union ministers of Britain didn’t want a German to rule their country. The show has beautifully portrayed the characters from the past into the show.

 They have done a good job of bringing back the old ascent.

Furthermore, the reviews depicted the historical accuracy with little touch of drama!

Victoria Season 1 official Trailer:

Now, let’s move ahead to the two-second season full of responsibilities for a young queen. The season depicts how Queen Victoria finds it difficult to balance between her personal life and her role as the youngest face of the monarch. 

Moreover, we see a highly dramatic situation in the royal family of Britain and Germany due to Prince Albert. Britain’s diplomatic relation with France seems not well.

Season 2 Performance Report

Victoria Season 2 Release:  27th of August 2017

Storyline: The season two story is like walking on burning coals for Queen Victoria. A new character was introduced into the story named Lady Mathematician who is played by Ada Lovelace. It seems that the new Queen doesn’t like her at all. She is already in desperation after knowing about the conditions of British soldiers in Afghanistan. Prince Albert’s relation with Lady Mathematician disturbed Victoria’s equilibrium. Queen Victoria seems impatient in ruling her kingdom after she gave birth to her first child. Though Albert makes attempts to save her from desperation but the news which says that she is pregnant again pushes her into the well of silence.

Victoria Season 2 Number of Episodes: 9

Victoria Season 2 Rating and Reviews: If we talk about reviews, the second season has got a rating of 4.5/5 in Rotten Tomatoes and as per IMDB it has received 8.4/10.

Victoria Season 2 Masterpiece On PBS!

After season one, Victoria moved to Masterpiece to cast its further seasons. Masterpiece is a kind of online theatre that presents dramas related to classical culture and it demonstrates the fiction with a story based on real incidents. Masterpiece works on the network of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). 

The staff in the Masterpiece applauded the shows with great efforts and stories. Victoria was selected to be cast in Masterpiece after it got applauded by the viewers.

Victoria Season 2 official Trailer:

Moving further to the next season here are the glimpses from the third season of Victoria. 


Victoria Season 3 Release Date: January 13,2019

Storyline: Season three starts with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert having six children. Now the queen is approaching her 30s and her relationship with Albert seems not well. In her try to make political things better, Prince Albert finds no place for him in the royal ministry of Britain. He tries to make his son the next king which brings a chaotic situation for the Queen. The sudden arrival of Princess Feodora, a sibling of Queen Victoria, brings the worst for Queen. Snatched in the chain of troubles, we will find how Victoria turns things around for her.

Victoria Season 3 Number of Episodes: 8

Victoria Season 3 Ratings and Reviews: As per the IMDB, Victoria season 3 scored 8.2/10, and the Rotten Tomatoes performance meter showcased 4.5/5.

Victoria Season 3 Trailer:

Season 3 facts or fictions on PBS!

 Let’s have a look at some points and we will find out whether it’s a fact or fiction.

  • Palmerston was involved in an amorous room-switch. Yes, it’s a real incident which happened in Windsor Castle
  • Victoria and Albert fought about staying at Osborne vs returning to London. It’s fiction, Albert always owns Osborne. The fight was just to bring some drama.
  • Victoria threw a drink at Albert’s face. Yes, it’s a fact. Though, the Queen didn’t admit. But a person from the cast did.
  • Victoria had a near-drowning incident when swimming. It was a fictional work to bring drama.            
  • Albert Worried about Bertie’s intellectual capacities. Yes, it’s a fact. He seems worried about his son who lacks in usual capacities.

 What to expect from Victoria Season 4?

Everyone is excited about the fourth season of the show and so as the writer Daisy Goodwin. In an interview, excitement was seen on her face about the fourth installment of the show. 

Though she didn’t reveal anything she left people on a cliff hanger saying that there will be a death in this part.

Cast Update!

Jenna Coleman will be seen playing Queen Victoria but as per the contract, this is her last season so you can either think of a new queen or it can be the ending of the show.

Release Date Updates of Victoria Season 4

The show hasn’t revealed any details about the release of season four. But stick with us for any new update on the show.

Final Words

Victoria Seasons have been reflection of lot of historical events and hence, able to won hearts of audience.

Hope the season 4 shed lot more light on history in its journey. Afterall, that’s the key factor of its popularity!

Do let us know what’s on your mind for Victoria Seasons so far!


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