Vertical Entertainment Acquires Sci-fi Thriller ‘No Running’ Starring Skylan Brooks

Are you a fan of the skylan brooks?  Well, No Running, a sci-fi thriller in which Delmar Washington makes his feature latest film. It was brought by Vertical Entertainment for a multi-platform release this spring.

The story follows Jaylen Brown (Skylan Brooks), a Black high school student who becomes skeptical once a student goes missing after a party. And, discrimination rises to the surface in his small southern community.

 He proceeds to untangle a large network of mysteries while working against the clock to clear his identity, all of which hint at extra-terrestrial forces at work.

Let’s know some more details about the movie!

More Details On “No Running”

Last year, No Running had its international release as part of the reform Juneteenth section of the Tribeca Film Festival, which celebrated Black voices and experiences.

“More than a sci-fi thriller, No Running illustrates how family and friendship connections are strained when the unthinkable happens and there’s nothing left to run,” said Vertical Entertainment Partner Rich Goldberg.

Furthermore, they added, “The charged performances by the entire cast are what drew us to the drama in the first place. And they’ll keep audiences on the edge of their seats with expectation.”

Vertical Entertainment was created in 2012 as a global independent distributor. AJ Jones’ horror film La Patasola; the comedy Unplugging, starring Eva Longoria and Matt Walsh; John Michael McDonagh’s thriller The Forgiven, starring Jessica Chastain and Ralph Fiennes, which it co-acquired with Roadside Attractions in November.

 And, Drew Mylrea’s thriller Last Survivors, starring Alicia Silverstone, Stephen Moyer, and Drew Van Acker; and John Michael McDonagh’s thriller The Forgive.

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