Verified Twitter accounts have been hacked by crypto scammers, again

A new kind of scam is taking around on social media platforms. It is a cryptocurrency giveaway scam on Twitter using the accounts in verified forms and a duplicate version of Elon Musk to fool people. The MalwareHunter Team, the team of security research, is observing those accounts and figuring out who the people behind this scam are. All of such fake accounts affect twitter in such a way that they have fooled many people and are earning money from them by making it popular there.

They are providing these fake services online –

  • By preparing the loss of cryptocurrency wallets.
  • By showing the best bitcoin exchange facility in the online market.
  • Also, giving the security keys.

Tweets of them also include the links that redirect to the article that gives the promotion to the fake giveaway of cryptocurrency. It consists of the instructions on how to send the bitcoin, and then Elon Musk will promise to send them back to all of the users in a double amount. 

Clarification by MalwareHunter Team

As per the MalwareHunter team, many accounts hacked by this fake scam have been taken to dormant for some time. However, the fact is there that these accounts have a verified blue trick in front of each username. The cybercrime checking team has become even stricter and has been checking every detail. The scammers have already fooled $587,000 through bitcoin by such a scam.

This is all wall we know about this new hack by crypto scammers. Want to read more such interesting text update very first? Stay connected and come back tomorrow.


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