How Van Gogh Became A Part Of Entertainment World’s Biggest Stars In 2021

However, when there has been a true celebrity in the entertainment sector recently, it is an emotionally troubled Dutch-born painter who died over a century ago. Indeed, Vincent Van Gogh is more popular than ever, owing to a slew of global exhibits that have used multimedia experiences to bring his most famous works to life, from The Starry Night to The Potato Eaters.

Displays that project pictures into massive expenses are known as immersive screens. “It’s a new genre,” Corey Ross, a Canadian entertainment producer whose company, Lighthouse Immersion, is bringing his “Immersive Van Gogh” concert to a dozen venues across North America.

As an attentive listener, indeed, its present performance in New York City, which takes place on a pier that has hosted anything from basketball games to a comic book and toy convention, is a holiday reminder that taps into the lingering longing. Later this year, there was a marathon.

Van Gogh became a part of the entertainment world’s biggest stars in 2021

The fact that programs can be produced at a minimal cost gives producers a boost. The executive director of Exhibition Hub, another organisation that organises Van Gogh exhibitions across the world, the initial expenditure in digital manufacturing might be approximately $ 250,000.

Each city will have a physical exhibit costing between $50,000 and $75,000. It also helps since Van Gogh’s paintings are in the public domain, so there are no licensing payments. Of course, audiences are drawn to Van Gogh’s works because of their swirling, impressionistic character. “His art is timeless,” Iacampo stated.

Ross, the Pier 36 show’s promoter, claims the critiques aren’t fair, claiming that these digital, immersive experiences shouldn’t be viewed as typical museum exhibits, but this is how art reviewers generally see them. Ross is unsurprised that museums have largely abandoned their own immersive experiences, claiming the fact that they require considerably larger venues than galleries.

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