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Here is good news for all Vampire fans that it is coming back to get played by 2021.

Yes, you heard it right!

The part of game, “Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodlines 2” has confirmed it on social media that it will get released by late 2021.

Words of Ebba Ljungerud:

 CEO of Paradox Interactive said that- “I don’t believe that finally game is going to get launched pretty soon after a lot of delays. It was not decided till first half of the year.”

How to play?

Ebba said- “If you want to play consoles of next generation, it is necessary to have development kit from the manufacturers. I am even very sure that Sony and Microsoft would not be able to provide much kit this time because of COVID-19”.

Update for the game?

The update to release the game came in August. 

And after getting decided, its director, Brian Mitsoda and creative director, Ka’ai Cluney took exit from the game. 

Here is the list of few things you all are definitely going to love about the game: 

Words of Mitsoda:

According to Mitsoda, “I have worked in Bloodlines 2 for five years straight. It was tough decision to take an exit from it. The storyline was written in my living room only.”

He added, “I took handle of all the scripts since the beginning. Worked on weekends. And delivered quality content to game. I can never believe that I haven’t succeeded.”

Words of Andy Kipling:

In an official statement, Kipling said that- “Our primary goal is to serve our customer with quality game. To lost in the World of Darkness by Seattle. And to deliver quality sequel to Bloodlines games. It will take pretty quality time to do all this. But can make sure that it will be enjoyed by players just like season 1 did.”

Something about Bloodlines 1:

The 2004 released was created by Troika. It follows the story of human who was killed and revive as booming vampire in 21st century in Los Angeles. 

Season 2 will also follow the same story but at different place that is Seattle rather than Log Angeles.

Where we can play the game?

Game can be enjoyed at Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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