Valeria (Season 2): Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and additional data

Valeria is about to get its second installment, the first one rolled out in May 2020. Viewers were pleased with the show. The genre of the show is Rom-Com (Romantic Comedy). 

As the show is getting another season let’s learn some information about it. 


Netflix has decided to launch the second season of its classic show on 13th August 2021. So, viewers will be able to browse this show on the above mentioned date. Everyone was anticipating the second season as the first season was amazing. 

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The show will cast the same crew as the previous one. They are as follows: 

  • Maxi Iglesias pretending to be Víctor.
  • Diana Gómez plays Valeria.
  • Teresa Riott acts as Nerea.
  • Silma López functioning as Lola.
  • Ibrahim Al Shami plays the part of Adrián.
  • Paula Malia pretending to be Carmen.


Valeria is about to encounter a judgment that could reflect her prospective as a writer: fur under an alias and eventually living through her career or abandon the publication of her book and proceed to clasp the endless world of trash agreements.

Beside going through all this, Valeria’s love life is yet stumbling. Else all the fundamentals are solid, she proceeds to depend on the backing of three friends named Carmen, Lola, and Nerea. However, they are unaware that their lives are gonna change forever.  


Netflix has just released the trailer for the show’s second installment and it looks pretty amazing. If you are yet to see the trailer click here and check it out as soon as possible. 

And if you haven’t seen the first season go and watch it before the second one rolls out. So that you could be ready for the follow-up season.


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