All those people out there how have been scolded by their parents for playing video games for long hours of time, we feel you. Gaming is your passion. You want to make a career out of it. Well we can’t say that from today you will be paid to play games but there are a few vacancies at Next Level Games. What are the jobs available? Let’s dive right into it.


If you are a regular reader of tech related news then you must be aware that Next Level Games was recently bought by Nintendo and now it is a fully owned Nintendo subsidiary company. That said, the first thing Next Level Games is now looking at is developing games for future Nintendo consoles and for that they are looking for some talented, game enthusiast people.

The jobs that are on offer right now at Next Level Games are of a Producer, Art Production Manager, UI Artist and a Lead Test Engineer. Next Level Games had posted about these vacancies way back in December 2020 but it seems now they are in desperate need for filling of these posts. If you are a video games enthusiast and interested in becoming the part of a video game for Nintendo then check out the link given here

What are you waiting for then? Now is your chance to prove it to all the people who chided you for playing games 24X7 that there is a career in this as well.


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