Using Proxies To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts Safely

Social media has become a very important digital marketing platform with an impressive reach. However, managing multiple social media accounts comes with its own struggles and frustrations, especially when using Instagram. The biggest issue facing Instagram marketers is the dreader IP ban, which could ban your account and reduce your marketing efforts to nothing. So, how can you safely manage multiple Instagram accounts without facing an IP ban?

In this article, we’ll be looking at how to use proxies to manage multiple Instagram accounts without fearing a message that your IP has been banned; you can find more here. We’ll also look at where to get these proxies, so keep reading to discover more about avoiding IP bans using proxies.

In this article about managing multiple accounts on Instagram using proxies, we’ll be covering the following topics:

  • Why are Instagram proxies necessary to manage multiple Instagram accounts?
  • Where to get proxies for Instagram?
  • How to use proxies for Instagram?

Why Are Proxies Necessary To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts?

Many social media platforms, particularly Instagram, don’t allow users to create multiple accounts from the same IP address. Instagram limits the number of accounts per IP address to five, which they deem enough for a household. If you create more than five accounts from the same network, you’ll soon receive a message that your IP has been banned. That’s right, Instagram carefully monitors all its user’s IP addresses.

Having your IP banned can be very detrimental to businesses that need multiple accounts or digital marketers that create and manage multiple accounts on behalf of their clients. However, Instagram is such a valuable marketing platform that users can’t just ignore it and not use the platform. As such, users have been looking for ways that will enable them to create and manage multiple accounts without fearing an IP ban. This is where proxies came to the rescue.

Instagram proxies are proxies specifically to use with Instagram. Each one is a virgin residential proxy which means that the IP address linked to the proxy has never been used to create an Instagram account. These IP addresses are also linked to real devices, this makes them look like real users, so Instagram won’t ban the IP and accounts for looking like bots. Proxies also hide your IP address, adding more anonymity to your accounts.

Where To Get Proxies For Instagram?

Users can choose proxies for Instagram account management from many different providers. However, it’s important to note the proxy quality before deciding on a provider. It won’t do you any good buying a cheap proxy that may save you $20 now but cost you way more revenue in the long run when your accounts get banned.

In order to choose the best Instagram proxy for your needs, we recommend looking at a few lists featuring the best ones. It’s also good to read reviews and customer testimonies to get a better idea of a potential provider before buying a proxy from them.

At the end of the day, you want an Instagram proxy that fits your budget but also offers premium features and is reliable. Some of the best Instagram proxy providers include:

  • Smartproxy
  • Bright Data
  • Oxylabs
  • SSLPrivateProxy
  • Proxy Seller

How To Use Proxies For Instagram?

Once you’ve decided on a proxy provider, you can start allocating different IP addresses to your accounts. You can create or add up to four Instagram accounts per proxy IP address. We don’t recommend tempting the Instagram gods by adding more and finding your IP has been banned. If you need more, for example, if you’re a marketer that manages dozens of accounts, you’ll need to use multiple proxies to ensure each new IP only has a maximum of four accounts linked.

The process of setting up and linking the IPs to your Instagram accounts varies slightly according to the provider, but if you get stuck, your provider should be able to assist. The basic process of setting up your proxy with Instagram is to log in to your Instagram Account. Once logged in, you need to navigate to ‘Tools’, the ‘Preferences’ and finally ‘Proxy’. You’ll choose ‘Account Proxy’ so that you can set individual proxies for multiple accounts.

Benefits Of Using Instagram Proxies

Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits of setting up proxies for Instagram management.

  • Avoid IP bans
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Bypass geo-restrictions
  • Faster browsing speed
  • It can be used with automation software
  • Improve anonymity and security by hiding your IP
  • Build brand awareness
  • Improve Instagram presence

Final Thoughts

Using proxies is the best way that users can manage multiple social media accounts without the fear of the dreaded IP ban. There are many different proxies to choose from, including specialized Instagram proxies that provide even more reliability when it comes to managing multiple Instagram accounts.




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