Sistas Season 4 Details On Release Date, Casting Members, Plotline

Tyler Perry’s comedy-drama series Sistas has captivated audiences for the past three seasons with its focus on the exciting antics and endlessly complicated love lives of four young women, as well as their friends and romantic partners.

With enough excessive plot developments and a generous helping spoonful of dramatics in almost every episode, the show must have kept fans engaged.

Merely, there is never a dull moment in Sistas, and it’s always fun to see where the plot will take you next.

The series already is gearing up for its fourth season at this time. Fans are excited to see their favorite characters again, as well as hear more about what they may anticipate from the show’s future.

Sistas Season 4 – Updates on Release

Fans won’t have to wait long for the fourth season of “Sisters,” since the debut episode will appear on BET on January 5, 2022, at 9 p.m. EST.

Some may be surprised by the impending release date, given the ongoing Covid-related production delays for other TV shows related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sistas Season 4 is coming! Here are complete updates on release, cast and plotline.
Sistas Season 4 is coming! Here are complete updates on release, cast and plotline.

Sistas Season 4 – Updates on Cast

There has been no indication that any of the existing “Sistas” main cast members will be leaving as of this writing.

As a result, viewers can expect to see KJ Smith’s Andi Barnes, Ebony Obsidian’s Karen Mott, Mignon Von’s Danni King, and Novi Brown’s Sabrina Hollins, who play the show’s key four girlfriends, return.

Gary Marshall Borders (Chido Nwokocha), Maurice Webb (Brian Jordan Jr.), Aaron Carter (Kevin Walton), Calvin Rodney (Anthony Dalton), and Preston Horace (Trinity Whiteside) are all slated to return as prominent cast members.

Sistas Season 4 – Updates on Plotline

Season 4 of “Sisters” appears to be picking up right where the third season left off, continuing the ongoing stories for each of the main cast members.

Zac admitted to Fatima that he very well may be the father of Karen’s new pregnant kid, to mention just a few of the most recent narrative lines.

Meanwhile, Fatima channeled her darker side and thrashed Chris Warren’s Hayden in order to dissuade him from looking into Zac’s illegal insider trading. 

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