Updates on 3rd season of Hostel Daze

As a result, shows aimed at young people have grown in popularity. These protests provide insight into a young student’s life and struggles. One such show is Hostel Daze. The lead actors in this comedy drama are Ahsaas Khanna and Luv.

Four friends follow the plot as they begin their college careers for the first time. Ankit, Chirag, and Jaat share a room. You will witness the drama and difficulties in their lives throughout their lives.

It debuted its first season in 2019 and has grown quickly since then. The second season, which premiered on July 23, sparked a media frenzy. Season 3 was filled with show binges and excitement.

When Is It Coming? 

The TVF and creators made no announcements about a second season. It was released less than a week ago. season 3’s chances were slim, as season 2 ended with a high score and no cliffhanger. There are numerous stories about students’ lives away from home. The start of the new season is approaching. If everything goes as planned, the final season will be released next year. The pandemic forced a one-year delay in the start of the second season.

Because there are no cliffhangers, the new season could mark the start of new stories. We already know Akanksha likes Ankit, so they can start dating next season.

Cast of Hostel Daze Season 2

In Hostel Daze 2, Adarsh Gourav plays Ankit Pandey, a young man with big dreams. Shubham Gaur plays Rupesh Jaat Bhati and Chirag Bansal, the brain. Jatin aka Jhantoo, played by Nikhil Vijay. Nabomita, Ahsaas Chachanna, and Ayushi Gupta also make appearances.

All cast members are expected to return in the future. There were no major cast changes in season 2, and the same could be said for Season 3. Regular TVF employees can continue to make frequent guest appearances. As part of the core group of seniors, Sunny Hinduja, Naveen, and Jitendra Kasturia may also be present.


Season 2 showed the four sophomores stumbling over and overcoming obstacles. But college isn’t over yet. As the third year progresses, they learn more and more.


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