Uncharted Box Office: Tom Holland And Mark Wahlberg-Starrer Crosses $100 Million Worldwide On Opening Weekend

The latest movie starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg named Uncharted is doing wonders at the box office. Ahead we will take a look at how well is the movie doing and what people think about it.

The Box Office Collection

This Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg movie has already crossed the $100 million mark in its first week and the week is not over yet. If you see, the movie has crossed the $100 million mark in only 5 days.

That is quite an achievement for any movie. As reported by trusted sources, the movie is expected finish to its first week in an even higher position.

It looks like the time is right for Holland as his last movie Spider-Man: No Way Home also broke some records at the box office and became the highest-grossing movie of all time.

The superb collection by Uncharted means that movie-goers are loving the movie. Here is a brief overview of how people are reacting to the movie.

People’s Reactions

Now a lot of you may know that the movie Uncharted has been adapted from a game of the same name. People who have played the game are saying that the movie is the perfect adaptation of the game.

People are praising Holland’s acting a lot. Almost everyone has rated the movie either as a 4.5 star or 5-star movie. These positive reviews are showing on the popular rating websites as IMDb has rated the movie at 6.7/10, rotten tomatoes have given it a 40% rating and Google overall has rated the movie as a 4.2/5.
All these numbers are really solid considering that this Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg movie got released just last Friday. If the trend continues Uncharted will do better in the coming weeks.

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