Games subscription services are becoming popular every fast thanks to the other movies and TV series subscription platforms doing well. The trend though in the gaming world is that all subscription services are becoming part of the bigger Xbox Game Pass plan slowly. Rumors are that Ubisoft+ is going have a similar fate. More on the rumor follows.


The rumor that Ubisoft+ will become part of Xbox Game Pass plan has been doing the rounds since December 2020. Ubisoft+ is the games subscription of Ubisoft that offers games that can be downloaded after paying a fixed monthly amount. The reason people had been entertaining this rumor was because EA’s similar service, EA Play recently became part of the Xbox Game Pass plan. Ubisoft+ becoming part of the Xbox Game Pass plan is believable as Ubisoft+ does not have enough games to offer in comparison with Xbox Game Pass. Now that EA Play is also a part of it, then Ubisoft is no real competition to it. 

The Ubisoft rumor has now become somewhat of a fact after Jez Corden the editor of Windows Central has tweeted that Ubisoft+ will most probably be absorbed into the Xbox Game Pass. He said this after hearing certain things from certain people. According to him the absorption will most probably happen in late 2021.

What is your opinion on the same? Do you think Ubisoft+ will become part of the Xbox Game Pass just like EA Play? Could there be market domination once this happens. Comment your opinions and views in the comment box.

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