In the last few months, Twitter has really made it to reach out to a really large number of people in the world. There have been incidents like a ban on a US president or acquiring a podcast app breaker, Twitter has really played a vital role in this. So, there is great news for all the Indians out there who use twitter. India will be the second country after the US to have a curated content feed by twitter.

There is no other country to have such a feature other than the US.

There is a news and content providing company name Dailyhunt, based in Bangalore. Twitter has said that they will be partnering with the company to launch the Twitter Moments in India. The Twitter Moments will not have any separate app, it will be shown in the Dailyhunt app itself with a new tab named ‘Twitter Moments’. The tab will show the curated news around the world and web.


The company Dailyhunt has really huge readers in India and Twitter wants their readers to go through their new feature. As there are around 75 million active Twitter users from India, the company wants to reach more people, the one in smaller towns and cities of the country.

Dailyhunt is a 10-year-old company based in Bangalore. It has recently cracked a deal with Google, Microsoft, and AlphaWave where the company will be getting funds of around $100 million from those companies. The app raised the funds in order to expand their reach to more users by providing news in more languages. The company is aiming to double the readers count of 285 million per day.

Manish Maheshwari, the managing director of Twitter India, said in a statement that they really want people to be updated with what is happening around the world and they really want to make sure to reach out to every single individual out there. The Twitter Moments, is a new kind of feature where the readers will be able to see some curated sets of news about some particular topic. he added that, they are really happy to partner with Dailyhunt and it will be a great platform for readers to read the best of news from all over the world in multiple languages.

Twitter is really looking forward to more people from small cities and towns in the country. The company finds Dailyhunt a good option to make people know more about the app and make them move to Twitter.

Do you think it is a good move by Twitter and it will lead them gaining more audience?


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