Tributes Given To Harry Brant By His Brother, Here Is What You Should Know

On Thursday, a memorial was held to pay tribute to the late Harry Brant, the son of supermodel Stephanie Seymour and billionaire Peter Brant.

The memorial was held under the guidelines of COVID-19 security measures and only Harry’s family members were said to attend the memorial. However, Brant’s family asked to light a candle in his honor at 7:00 p.m. for the people who can’t join the memorial.

“Today we lay down Peace and honor the life of my brother, a true angel of light, an extraordinarily unique soul as it has never come before” reads the Instagram post written by Harry’s brother Peter.

He added and said “It is impossible to express the devastation I feel for the loss of someone with whom I have not only shared fond memories for a lifetime but someone who cares so deeply about my Luck who is so dedicated to my comfort. It’s the loss of not just a brother, but a best friend, my other half. My heart trembles at the thought that we will never see that dear, sweet face again. “

Both the brothers were often seen together at the parties in New York City and even were spotted at the front rows on Top international fashion shows as well. 

Harry Brant was popularly known for his sense of fashion and his brother was the one who used to create him a whole complete lineup for unisex makeup for MAC Cosmetics.

Reports claim that previously Harry wanted to break his addiction and he was just a few days away from returning to rehab but his devastating diseases shortened his life.


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