Trending Tip To Bypas A Ringing Phone And Go Straight To Voicemail

How difficult it is to actually talk when calling someone? Well, very difficult if you are an introvert. Talking on phone is like walking on a tight rope. Of you happen to be one such introvert who has trouble talking on a phone then we have very cool hack for you.its hack related to voicemail.


The Hack

The hack is a service that allows to you to reach the mailbox of a person directly. Its name is Slydial. The service is provided by MobileSphere. There will be no ringing of the phone. The moment the line will connect, you will be taken straight to the voicemail of that person. The service is absolutely free of cost. You can use it by simply dialing 267-759-3425. This number will ask you to enter the mobile number of the person you wish to access the voicemail of. Upon entering the mobile number, you will reach the person’s voicemail directly and now you just leave the message. The person you called won’t even get a ring. He/she will just get your voicemail.

Slydial is also available as an app. Both iOS users and Android users can download the app for free. To use the app, one only needs to create an account and that to free of charge. The only downside of Slydial is that you cannot call landlines, prepaid mobiles, VoIP numbers and third-party voicemail services with it. The second-best option is to use the voice message feature offered by WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram. All these are easy to use. Just tap and hold the mic icon to record your message and then release it too send it.

So, now you know how to call a person and not call at all as well.

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