Toronto Welcomes Global Video Game Studios and Leaders for the XP Game Developer Summit

The fast-growing XP Game Developer Summit has announced its 3rd event in the 3 years that it has been around. The event is expected to attract a lot of game developers from across Toronto and the world.

Let’s thoroughly go through all the details that you should know about this summit.

When and Where of the Summit?

The summit is going to take place at the Artscape Launchpad that is in Toronto, Canada. The event will happen for two days, on the 7th and 8th April 2022.

This is going to be the 3rd year of the Summit. Right now, the Summit is accepting registrations of developers and also selling tickets for the Summit for the enthusiastic observers.

The Summit is maintaining a single website to do both things. If you are interested in participating in the Summit or just going to the Summit then visit the link given at

The link also has information about the Summit, links for volunteer registrations, full event schedule, COVID-19 guidelines, moral code of conduct and many more things. Next, take a look at what is going to happen at the summit.

Day to day activities at the Summit

In the two days of the Summit, the game developers who register will be able to connect with a lot of investors, publishers and bigger game developers. The Summit will also have events where live game demos will be given. The demos will be given on hardware provided by AMD. Along with that a lot of workshops and presentations by thought leaders and industry experts have also been planned as part of the Summit. On top of all this, the registered game developers will also be able to interact with other registered game developers coming to the Summit. While most of the Summit is offline, a few things are going to take place virtually as well. Now a Summit of such a large scale needs a lot of sponsors and partners. The full lists for the same are given below.

The sponsors and partners

The two-day XP Game Developer Summit is going to be sponsored by Accelbyte, Brandonville Studios, Quebec, Royal Bank of Canada, ArtStation and Artscape. A few more minor sponsors are also going to help make the Summit a success.

The summit has a lot of supporting partners as well. They are Interactive Ontario, Games Industry Gathering, NewZoo, Northern Arena, Entertainment Software Association of Canada and MeetToMacth.

These partners are mainly going to promote and market the Summit as much as they can to ensure maximum participation and footfall.     

All in all, the XP Game Developer Summit 2022 is shaping up to be the biggest one in all terms. The Summit this year is expected to attract a lot more, industry experts, attendees and spectators than the previous two years.

How successful will this year’s Summit will be is a thing to watch out for. 

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