What Are Tornadus’ Weaknesses In Pokemon GO?

The super-powerful Pokemon named the Tornadus Therian has been reintroduced in the Pokemon Go game.

The Pokemon has become a part of the game through the Five-Star Raid Boss event.

As Tornadus Therian was last featured in a very old game, hence, a lot of players do not know how to defeat and capture the Pokemon.

If you are one such player, looking for a battle strategy against Tornadus Therian then you come to the right place.

By playing the game for hours, we have come up with the two best strategies to defeat Tornadus Therian. Let’s start with the first strategy then.

Strategy 1

Tornadus is a flying type Pokemon. This means that it is venerable to Ice attacks, Rock attacks, and Electric attacks. So, any Ice-type, Rock-type, or Electric Pokemon should be enough, right? Sadly, the thing is not that simple as Tornadus is very strong. It has a stamina of 188 and a defense of 189. Along with this Tornadus by nature likes to attack. Thus, to defeat it, you would like to use a Pokemon with a high attack stat with an Ice, Rock, or Electric-type attack. According to us than using the Thundurus Therian against Tornadus Therian is a good first option to go with. Being from the same family of Pokemons as Tornadus, the Thundurus is equally powerful and its heavy Electric-type attack has a lot of effect on Tornadus. The only problem with this strategy is that Thundurus in itself is hard to acquire. So, if you have Thundurus then great. If not, follow us to our second strategy.

Strategy 2

Under our second strategy, we will recommend you to use known as Zen Galarian Darmanitan. This is an Ice-type attacking one. It has an attack stat of 323. That is very powerful indeed and can be helpful in defeating Tornadus a bit more easily. An added advantage in this strategy is that the Zen Galarian Darmanitan is easier to locate and acquire than the Thundurus Therian. Now as Tornadus is difficult to defeat, a few important tips could mark the difference between your victory or defeat. The tips are here as follows.

Few important tips

Starting at the battle preparations, first, just stake out the Tornadus Therian you plan to capture. Look out if the particular Tornadus you are after uses a Focus Blast as an attack. If it does take an anchor Pokemon, most preferably the Rhyperior or Bastiodon, with the main Thundurus or Zen Pokemon. And if the Tornadus in question does not use Focus Blast as an attack, then take Dusknoir as your anchor Pokemon. Another important thing is to make sure that both your main attacking Pokemon and anchor Pokemon are at their best stats. Finally, fight according to the natural fighting style of the Pokemon you are using. Doing this can increase your chances of winning immensely.

That is all for now. We hope that the strategies and tips given here will prove to be useful for you.

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