Top Secrets to Becoming a Successful Freelancer

The massive advancement in technology and means of communications have entirely changed the dimensions of our life, the way we interacted, communicated, and especially worked. Freelancing is the relatively new phenomenon in the working space where not only young graduates but also grown up learned and experienced individuals deliver their services virtually and get a lot better compensation. 

To many, freelancing may not seem as lucrative and promising as other on ground capitalistic businesses around which in reality is not true. Most people compromise with their remunerations considering this more than enough being compensated right from the luxury of their home and without even following any 9 to 5 hectic routine that takes 5 days a week commuting. 

The way this virtual working system is set up, it by default discriminates most freelancers except a few like where talented writers get what they deserve. While on the other hand, the freelancers ignore it believing that focusing more on money might corrupt their creativity so better keep working. They may also think that they might not be that good in their work and they start underestimating themselves for nothing. Read and follow these top-secret strategies to become a successful freelancer. 


 Make your business and work stand out.

When we search for any product or service over the internet, we get hundreds of thousands of results for the very same query. Moreover, while roaming around in the market looking for a certain kind of jeans, we may have it in numerous shops at the same time. Now the question is, why exactly will we buy from a specific shop and not from another? Now put it in your perspective. Why on earth would a person or company hire you when they may have hundreds of thousands of other options available to them?

There must be some exclusive feature of your work or services you deliver and this very feature becomes that differentiator that literally compels your potential client to buy or hire your services. Making your business and work stand out implies that you offer that exact feature or the amenities that your prospect might be looking for and will find nowhere else. Only this will help you win the client. 

Know your client base

Once you get to know what exact feature sets you apart from others, now is the right time to explicitly recognize and know your customer base. In order to be more effective, you must narrow down your scope. As famously said that “Jack of all trades is master of none”. Without being focused, most freelancers try to be everything for everyone and as a result they probably end up being nothing simply, which is a common mistake rather a disaster for most freelancers. 

This tip implies that if you are a great essay writer, you must stay focused on writing instead of peeping into graphics designing even if you are really good in the basics. Know that you are a writer, a good one and your customer will only be the one who is purely interested in hiring a quality writer who has command over language and has certain relevant experience as well.

Never underestimate your skills

This is another major reason that puts the freelancers in a defensive position when without any exposure of international compensation rates, they start underestimating themselves and their skills believing that they are probably not that good as others in the market. While asking for the rate never think that you are just being compensated for the time you have spent on the project instead, you are being compensated for all those skills and talent that you have gathered after massive efforts and hard work over the years and the talent which is adding a lot of value to the work of the client. 

So while fixing your pay rate, ask yourself a few questions: how much will your work add value to the client’s work, how much will it help stir the sales? All of these factors when put together will help you better determine the cost that you actually deserve. Never drop your rates just to win clients, a customer who would be paying you less would be expecting lesser and will maintain the same image in mind. A person demanding a fairly high price would certainly leave a gigantic impression so be quite free in demanding the cost that you believe you actually deserve. 

Make an impressive portfolio

This is the age of marketing and pomp and show, people are highly likely to buy the things which are advertised in a more impressive manner since the modern-day marketing gimmicks have immense potential of maneuvering and manipulating masses. Marketing is an effective manner of showcasing your potential skills. In freelancing, your portfolio is your marketing and this must be very sound, well-articulated, and loud enough to impress the customer.

Making an impressive portfolio never means that you pile up all impressive work of others and tag it as your own, instead, it implies that you never miss a written word or any work you do, keep it in safe storage to filter out some of your best shots and place them all very nicely in a well-composed portfolio which is your ticket to the order. A freelancer with a fascinating portfolio is highly likely to get the job as compared to one with a weak or no portfolio at all. If you don’t display one, they don’t take you seriously. 

Food for thought 

The crux of the entire discussion lies in having faith and confidence in your work and in whatever you do. A few basics must be remembered always like never missing deadlines as this may have a grave impact on your overall reputation if you delay a single project no matter how extravagantly and smartly you have worked on it. The time really counts. Never compromise on your commitments and above all, learn to respect your work and yourself for sure.  


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