Indie games have a different type of fan following. What makes these games unique is that the developers pour their hearts into it and they do one game at a time. XBOX Series X is by far one of the best gaming consoles to play these games on. Here is the list of 10 such games. Give them a try.


Phogs!  –  In the game you will control a red and blue, two headed dog and you will have to solve puzzles. Game is available for $25 from Microsoft.

The Salconeer  – You are the Salconeer, a war birdin search of treasure and secrets. The flying mechanics of the game are really good and the game features a third person camera. The game is available $30 from Microsoft.

Unto The End – the game is a side-scrolling action RPG game. It’s a very challenging game and requires high levels of concentration. 

Haven – it’s a game based on two lovers Yu and Kay. The characters travel to a very distinct planet. You will have to play with these characters and develop their relationship work. The game is for $25 from Microsoft. 

Dead Static Drive – this is an open world free to roam game. The make objective is to steal and collect resources to survive in this game. The game is like GPS with some horrific elements. The game will release in 2021.

Last Stop – this is a life related game set in present day London.  You can play as John, Meena and Donna. The game will release in 2021.

Song Of Iron – this is an assassin creed: Valhalla. You can fight man and beast in this game. The game will release in spring of 2021.

Lake – it’s a very peaceful game. You are a male truck driver in a town by the lake in the year 1986. The game will release in early 2021.

12 minutes – it is based in time loop and you have to use your knowledge that you gain every 12 minutes to win this game. It will release in early 2021.

The Artful Escape – the game is about a teenage guitarist. You have to use your music skills to overcome obstacles to make a name for you. It will release in 2021. 

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