2020 is coming to an end. We have so far looked at the best games for Xbox consoles, playstations, PCs and other devices. The time has come to look at the top games of 2020 across platforms and consoles.


  1. Genshin Impact: The game came out in September this year and was an instant hit among gamers. The game is available to play on PC, PS4 and Mobile for free.
  1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons: The game came out in March this year on the Nintendo Switch. The casual easy to go game won the hearts of many gamers.
  1. Resident Evil 3: The game got popular as it had a short story among other games. Gamers who love action but not lengthy stories brand this game as their favorite.
  1. Project Wingman: The game makes this list as it offers a wide variety of aircrafts to fly and plenty of game modes to try out. 
  1. Final Fantasy VII Remake: The main reason this game makes it to this list is nostalgia and it’s time of release. It came out at a time when everyone was looking for comfort and old things provide the best comfort.
  1. Hades: The game makes it to this list as it is super addictive. One can spend many numbers of hours playing this game and won’t even feel it.
  1. Persona 5 Royal: The game got popular as it brought back the 2017 version of itself in a better way. Gamers loved to play the improved game very much.
  1. Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross: The game made it to this list as it is well animated and uses the cut scenes from the anime it is based on in a very brilliant way.
  1. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2: The game made it to this list as it provides a good stroll down the memory lane for Tony Hawk fans and provides some good Skating experience.

That rounds up our list for this year. Do tell us which games you played this year in the comment box.


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