Top Boy Season 5 Release Date Confirmed Or Cancelled? [2022 Updated]

We’ve been wondering about Top Boy as for the previous week, and very little else. Although since the newest installment of the Netflix series (Netflix’s second, but fourth overall) made its debut previously this week.  

Audiences have had many queries well about come back of Dushane and Sully, and even the entire cast. First of all, and probably most important, we have been curious about Jamie, Stef, and Aaron’s parents’ whereabouts. 

Then we highly required elaboration just on the series’ ending, and eventually – and yet most importantly – we want to understand not just whether it would be another season of the Netflix show. 

This article includes every one of the Top Boy season 5 data that we now have.


There seems to be no term over whether Top Boy season will be revived for a second season, and though provided its own achievement and celebs supporting (ahem, Drake), we will indeed anticipate it all too.

Other than that, a certain luscious season finale deserves a sequel or spectators will be upset.

Since the pattern suggests gaps of 2 years in release for Toy boy seasons 3 and 4. We assume, that Season five could show up in March 2023.


Dushane (Ashley Walter) and Sully (Kane Robinson) survived a further season largely intact or, at least, completely unscathed. We don’t think they’ll return because none of them ended up dead.

Taking into account the fact that Jamie (Michael Ward) survived Sully’s bullet to the head, it’s correct to conclude we’ve had it with him on the tv series.

Jamie’s best friend Kit (Kadeem Ramsay) will indeed be missing from of the show for the rest of the season as just a consequence of Jamie shooting Kit.

It appears to become a terrible moment for closest buddies, as Ats (Keiyon Cook), Stef’s best friend, also died currently halfway through season four.


However, a fifth season is not confirmed, the season premiere of Top Boy on Netflix tends to leave an amount of story processing cores hanging that could be explored in future installments.

Clearly, any latest season had to deal with the fallout from Sully’s murder of Jamie. Will Sully’s acts rekindle tensions between the two old friends now that Dushane has informed him that he is taking good care Jamie to be his heir apparent? But how will Jamie’s brothers respond to the heinous murder? Will Stef seek vengeance? Is Aaron, who has repelled being drawn into Jamie’s criminal style, fated to obey in his brother’s footprints?

Although this series’s newest opponent, Liverpool gangster Curtis (Howard Charles), died in the fourth season, the remaining part of his crime syndicate managed to flee, including Curtis’ vicious sister, with Sully notifying them not to come back to London. 

Will they listen, or will they return to exact revenge on pregnant Lauryn and her sister Jaq? Tell us your thoughts on that. 

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