The top five tech news stories of the week: In this article, we’ve brought you the most recent maladies and lowlights that occurred this week in the eyes of big-tech players like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

This week marked the start of a new round of developments in the United States and South Korea for technology companies, particularly Apple and Google, which continue to clash with governments around the world.

Wherever there is a technological threat, Facebook is never far behind. This week, Facebook-owned Instagram made headlines for two reasons: Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri’s deafening comments about social media flaws, and explosive internal leaks that highlight Instagram’s negative impact on young people, particularly girls.

And, of course, the new Apple iPhone 13 series, along with a slew of other products, have been released, criticizing the lack of radical changes while praising internal refurbishment to speed up devices.

Instagram’s shocking internal report on adolescent child well-being

Internal slide demonstrating the true extent of the harm to teens who use a Facebook-owned platform from Instagram’s business agendas. The companies conducted a series of surveys among their young users in order to better understand how the platform affects the well-being and corporeal image of young girls. According to the Wall Street Journal, Instagram exacerbated body image issues for “one in every three teenagers.”

New Apple iPhone Models

Yes, we are aware of this! The Apple iPhone 13 series was expected to undergo radical changes. Instead, we got minor cosmetic changes in the Tim Cook style, along with promises of faster cameras and a better OS experience.

Wings’ from Google

This week, Google’s Android-powered smartphone in South Korea was fined 177 million dollars for preventing customizations. The Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) ruled on Tuesday that Google’s current terms with device makers are an abuse of the company’s dominant position in the smartphone market, effectively stifling competition in the country, the company’s second setback in South Korea this month.

Comparison of the Instagram Chiefs’ Car Crash

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri compared people who die in car accidents to people who may be harmed by the use of Facebook’s platform and other social media websites in a podcast. The Tone-comment deaf’s emphasised how the advantages of cars outweigh their disadvantages, despite the fact that cars have risks.

In a case against Apple, a US court grants app developers a temporary victory.

In addition to forcing all developers to use Apple’s payment mechanisms in the shop, Apple was forced by app developers to re-route users into their payment methods in a new US court ruling this week. The case was brought by Epic Games, whose game Fortnite is still unavailable in the Apple App Store due to payment changes that Apple claims violate its policies.

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